Fitbit for Windows Gets Minor Update With Big Sync Improvements

The Fitbit for Windows Modern app has received a small but important update today that fixes a lot of sync issues users were facing with the fitness tracker software.  The update, version 1.5.17 (12619) for those keeping score at home, specifically addresses synchronization setup and improved tracker syncing.  The update is important as syncing with your Windows 8.1 PC or tablet is done via a USB dongle on Fitibits.  It works but it hasn’t been to this point 100% reliable.  That seems, based on my testing, to be resolved.

Fitbit for Windows – Free – Download Now

The update to Fitbit for Windows is now live in the Windows Store and if you have auto-updates enabled in the Store, you may have already had it downloaded to your PC or Tablet.  Double-check in the store (got to Settings>App Updates) to see if it is there.  Or in the Fitbit app go to Settings>Help) to see the version you are running.  You will want to make sure you are running the build I mentioned above for these fixes to be in place.

Once you do have the update installed you should see a significant improvement in the ability to sync your Fitbit with your PC as well as a noticeable improvement in speed and performance.  There are no new other features in this build.

While Microsoft continues to develop and push the Microsoft Band, it is great to see options in the health tracker area and Fitbit of course is one of the best.  They continually update their Windows Phone app and it is great to see them also working on the desktop side of the equation as well.

Fitbit for Windows – Free – Download Now


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