UPDATE – Gabe Aul Confirms No Windows 10 Build To Be Released Today

[UPDATE] – The Insider Hub now confirms that the Fast Ring will be getting faster with a much more discernable difference in release drops between it and the Slow ring.  If you want a more polished, stable Windows 10 experience then you should move to the Slow ring.  If you want more updates but with likely more bugs/issues, stay in the Fast ring. 

For those in the Windows Insider program waiting for an updated build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, time to start looking towards next week.  Microsoft’s Gabe Aul has just tweeted that there will be no new build released publically today.

While the news undboutedly comes as a disappointment to many in the program, given that it is Friday it shouldn’t be much of a shock.  As I eluded to earlier today, Microsoft does not tend to release updates on Friday’s (nor does anyone for that matter) because the weekend and generally lower availability of support makes it a bit of a non-starter.  It’s unfortunately on the other hand as the weekend is a good time to do testing and work on Windows 10 for many.

As you can see from the post though, it looks like an announcement to Insiders will be made in the Insider Hub which is part of Windows 10.  As of this writing that post has not been made in the Hub.  That announcement is likely going to circle around the speed of the releases and the increase of speed given Aul’s reference to those wanting lower risk to move to the Slow ring.

My suspicion is that we will see a new build on Tuesday or Thursday of next week.  More news as I get it.

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