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New Windows 10 Mobile Build Likely To Windows Insiders Today

It looks increasingly likely that a new build of Windows 10 Mobile will be available for those on the Fast Ring in the Windows Insider program later today.  Microsoft’s Gabe Aul took to Twitter yesterday answering a pile of questions related to the next build for Windows Phone and PC with hints being dropped that a new build is imminent.

Clearly this isn’t a commitment from Aul that a new build will be out today, but it is pretty close.

The Need for A Windows 10 for Phone Update

It has been 40 days since the first Windows 10 for Phone Technical Preview was released to Windows Insiders and unfortunately, there isn’t an update in sight.

Earlier this morning Microsoft’s Gabe Aul posted on Twitter about the updates now available for the Windows 10 Technical Preview for PCs and Tablets. In the thread of replies he was asked about an update for Windows 10 for Phone. Sadly the news was not good.

Like the bemoaning that has happened on Windows 10 and the lack of updates, the natives are growing restless with Windows 10 for Phone at this point too.  Microsoft has made it clear that this summer we will see Windows 10 across all devices.  That means testing absolutely needs to get started in earnest across a wide range of Windows Phones.  We know that there will be more phones eligible to run the next update and we also know that the Partition Zipping for higher end phones was needed for it to be loaded onto these devices.  Regardless of this fact the need to get an update out on phones is becoming ever more critical to meet this summer launch date.

UPDATE – Gabe Aul Confirms No Windows 10 Build To Be Released Today

[UPDATE] – The Insider Hub now confirms that the Fast Ring will be getting faster with a much more discernable difference in release drops between it and the Slow ring.  If you want a more polished, stable Windows 10 experience then you should move to the Slow ring.  If you want more updates but with likely more bugs/issues, stay in the Fast ring. 

For those in the Windows Insider program waiting for an updated build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, time to start looking towards next week.  Microsoft’s Gabe Aul has just tweeted that there will be no new build released publically today.

While the news undboutedly comes as a disappointment to many in the program, given that it is Friday it shouldn’t be much of a shock.  As I eluded to earlier today, Microsoft does not tend to release updates on Friday’s (nor does anyone for that matter) because the weekend and generally lower availability of support makes it a bit of a non-starter.  It’s unfortunately on the other hand as the weekend is a good time to do testing and work on Windows 10 for many.

As you can see from the post though, it looks like an announcement to Insiders will be made in the Insider Hub which is part of Windows 10.  As of this writing that post has not been made in the Hub.  That announcement is likely going to circle around the speed of the releases and the increase of speed given Aul’s reference to those wanting lower risk to move to the Slow ring.

My suspicion is that we will see a new build on Tuesday or Thursday of next week.  More news as I get it.

Why The Windows 10 Fast Ring Needs To Be Faster

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul has taken to the Windows Blog site to offer up a great piece on the Windows 10 Technical Preview cadence and why dates are not broadcasted out to the public.  The article can be found here and I’m not going to waste your time by rehashing the entire post which is quite lengthy.  The article lays out in great detail the internal processes and testing schedules, the balance of too fast versus too buggy and why they don’t set dates (HINT: It is beta software so if they run into a showstopper internally, they will postpone a release.  They publish a date and miss it, the masses will revolt).  Again, give it a read.  It’s worth it.

What I will do however is say is that I understand the logic that Mr. Aul lays out in this post, particularly around show stopping bugs.  If you have a bug that gets out that crushes every PC it is installed on, you will have a huge problem on their hands.  Microsoft and many sites have pointed out that Windows 10 is in beta and it will be buggy.  Unfortunately a lot of people forget that when they are looking at a BSOD or worse, a corrupt boot sector on their laptop after installing the Preview.  Microsoft cannot afford that kind of misstep.  So they are taking their time.  The question however, is should they risk a little more, particularly on the “Fast Ring”?  I think so and here is why.

Microsoft Confirms More Phone Supported in Next Windows 10 for Phones Preview

One of the biggest challenges-meets-disappointments with the first release of the Windows 10 for Phone Preview was the limited number of devices which were supported.  Adding to that pain was the lack of high end devices being supported.  As I’ve posted in my Initial Thoughts on the release, be careful what you wish for as it was and still is pretty rough.   That said, it looks like hope is on the horizon.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul from the Windows Insider program has Tweeted this morning that the next release of the Windows 10 for Phone Preview will indeed support more devices.  In a reply to a question being asked on the subject, he replied with the following Tweet

@Medioholik @jainankit85 The next update will have support for more phones.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) March 5, 2015

While which devices will be included is not clear from the Tweet, it should be encouraging to Windows Phone fans that more support will be coming to more devices.

Windows 10 Mobile Preview Launching Today

Peeps & Tweeps, it appears that today is the day.  Today, according to Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, we will see Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview released.  In a Tweet this morning he posted

That pretty much is as clear as day eh? What is better, and kind of funny, is in his very next Tweet he wrote

Okay, going dark for a bit. Need to go push a button… — Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) February 12, 2015

Now, let’s all take a breath folks because everyone needs to keep a few things in mind.  First, Windows 10 Mobile is going to be in beta which means it will have issues and bugs.  If you are not prepared for that, do not install it on your Windows Phone.  Remember, everything associated with Windows 10 is in beta at the moment.  If you are going to install it, read my Windows 10 Mobile tips post for some advice.

Second, not every device is going to see the Preview today.  If your device isn’t supported today, that doesn’t mean it won’t be later.  But Microsoft has been clear that in the beginning not every device will be supported.  Going to Twitter and complaining about it will not help – so don’t.

So for now, stay tuned and calm.  Windows 10 Mobile Preview will be here in a matter of hours.

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