Fitbit for Android Updated With Several Bug Fixes

Users of Fitbit for Android will find there is a new update to download today.  The update is primarily a bug fix and stability release so don’t look for many new features.  Instead, you will find a handful of fixes, especially those impacted by a green app icon.  Yeah, sounds strange to me too.  Anyway, the updated version is 2.7 for those keeping score at home and even if you aren’t impacted by the green icon bug, you should probably download it as there are other fixes.

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The green icon bug was only impacting certain Fitbit for Android users and it was only impacting certain devices.  Which devices specifically is not mentioned in the release notes of the app.  However, with this v2.7 update, that bug should be put to rest.

Fitbit for Android

Fitbit for Android

Along with the icon fix, this update to the app also brings other bug fixes and stability improvements.  Again, what exactly was addressed remains a bit of a mystery as they are not indicated in the release notes.  In my testing of the app this morning, I haven’t notice any performance improvements but to be fair, it has always performed exceptionally well on my OnePlus One.  If however you have been encountering sync issues or generally poor performance, be sure to grab this update and see if it fixes things up for you.

Fitbit for Android is a free app but does require you have a Fitbit tracker and a Fitbit account.



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