Nextbit Release Beta 3 of Android Nougat for The Robin

Nextbit has dropped the long awaited beta 3 of Android Nougat for the Robin today.  The update comes some 8 weeks after the release of the 2nd beta, a point at which the Paranoid Android team joined up with them to get the beta built.  This new build is expected to be the last beta as the team has indicated their is just one blocking bug that is preventing it from going public.

The Android Nougat beta is a closed beta for those who have a Nextbit Robin.

The fact a beta came out for the phone is a great sign, especially in light of Nextbit being acquired last month.  It was stated at the time that software updates would continue to come until February of next year and this is a good early indicator that the phone is not abandoned.

As for changes, they are pretty significant in this new build.  First, the build has the January Android Security Bulletin patch so it is relatively up-to-date from that regard.  Multiple bugs and stability issues have been fixed, particularly around Wi-Fi and overall system stability.  Power management has also been improved which should help battery life while running the beta.

Several other app changes have happened including improvements in the phone app (it is running the AOSP phone app), the camera, display

The Nextbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin

improvements and numerous other fixes.

For those in the beta, it should be hitting your Robin soon if not already.  It weighs in at just over 500MB so Wi-Fi is your friend on getting it downloaded.  Once downloaded, the install on my Robin took about 10 minutes from install to restart.

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