Sleep as Android Update Brings New Dashboard View

The sleep monitoring app, Sleep as Android, has a new update rolling out that brings a huge number of improvements and new features.  The most exciting new feature is a new Dashboard view, allowing you to look at all of your sleep related data on one page in the app.

The Dashboard is customizable, allowing you to pin different cards to it to give you information that is personalized to you.  By default, it will show you when your next alarm is, your sleep score, your last sleep recording, your sleep Deficit chart and any advise to help improve your sleep.

For those of you who are using Sleep as Android already, Urbandroid who develops the app is asking for feedback on the Dashboard as it will likely be the default view in the next release.

New Dashboard in Sleep as Android

New Dashboard in Sleep as Android

As for other features, fixes and updates, there are a lot.  Here are the highlights from the Release Notes:

  • Charts screen redesign
  • Fix for delete and delete old from the graphs screen
  • Fine tuning status bar colors based on themes
  • Ability to turn off sleep suggestion from the notification directly
  • Right theme-colored bar in recent apps
  • Fixed in status bar colors across Android versions
  • Fix for alarm layout on Android 4.4 and earlier due to an Android bug
  • Workaround for theme issues on Kyocera phones (only use morning lark theme)
  • Dashboard in 2 column layout in landscape on tablets and larger phones
  • Fine-tuning color schemas
  • Fix for notification icon colors on older Android’s
  • Attempt to fix WebView crashes on Android 8+
  • Latest Google libraries
  • Fix for Philips HUE issues
  • Fix for crashing bug in sleep time suggestion
  • fix for crash in settings search
  • fix for per alarm preferences not saving properly
  • fix for add graphs button on the graphs screen
  • French, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, Norwegian, Italian

I reviewed Sleep as Android last year and it is an app that I highly recommend for those who want to keep track record of your sleeping patterns.  There is a free version of the app and the fully unlocked, non-ad version is $3.99

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