Fitbit for iOS Update Brings Improved Female Health Tracking

Fitbit for iOS has a new update rolling out that finally brings one of the most requested features of female users of the fitness tracking app and devices.  With the new update, women can opt-in to a new Female Health Tracking which will allow women to track their monthly menstrual cycle to better understand their bodies and their cycles, something that is unique to every women.

Fitbit announced the new feature last month and it is rolling out to iOS users today while it should hit Android users later this month.  Once you have the app update and have identified yourself as a female in the app, you should get a pop-up to opt into the new feature.  It is only available for women 13 years and older.

Once opted in, you will be able to track your monthly cycle to learn insights into your own body as well as not get caught off guard as you will get notifications a few days prior to the anticipated start of your next period.  Of course, it takes a few months before the predictions become more accurate so logging is essential for the app to learn your particular cycle.

The new feature is available on Windows PCs in the Fitbit app there and you can use your Fitbit Versa or Ionic smartwatches to track things as well.


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