Save on a Wide Range of SanDisk Storage Options at Amazon – Today Only

Amazon has put another great one day sale together on a wide range of SanDisk storage products.  The sale is today only and you can find all of the products that are sale here at Amazon.  The sale covers everything from MicroSD cards for Android phones and other devices to high capacity USB drives for your Chromebook, MacBook or Windows 10 PC.

Some of the deals on SanDisk storage today on Amazon include a MicroSD 64GB card for $15.99 and there is also the whopping 256GB USB-C Flash Drive that is down to $51.99, a savings of over $25.  That drive will work with modern laptops like the MacBook Pro and Chromebooks while there are still some great deals on USB-A drives too.

If you need that high capacity USB-A drive, take a look at the Ultra Flair.  It is a USB 3.0 drive with 256GB of storage.   Today only it is priced at $50.39.  That is a savings of over $30.

Be sure to check out the entire SanDisk sale page as there are plenty of other options and capacities available to meet your needs.  As a reminder, the sale is today, May 15th only.  Tomorrow everything goes back up to normal price.  That said, Amazon is pretty good about putting these types of sales up every month or two months so if it isn’t in the budget today, I’ll keep you posted on when they have another big sale.

Check out all the SanDisk storage deals today at Amazon.

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