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Save on a Wide Range of SanDisk Storage Options at Amazon – Today Only

Amazon has put another great one day sale together on a wide range of SanDisk storage products.  The sale is today only and you can find all of the products that are sale here at Amazon.  The sale covers everything from MicroSD cards for Android phones and other devices to high capacity USB drives for your Chromebook, MacBook or Windows 10 PC.

Some of the deals on SanDisk storage today on Amazon include a MicroSD 64GB card for $15.99 and there is also the whopping 256GB USB-C Flash Drive that is down to $51.99, a savings of over $25.  That drive will work with modern laptops like the MacBook Pro and Chromebooks while there are still some great deals on USB-A drives too.

Refreshed MacBook Air Looks to be Delayed Until Later This Year

Rumors have persisted for the past several months that an updated MacBook Air is coming in 2018.  Early rumors suggested that we would see the new 13″ updated Air by mid-year, possibly as soon as WWDC in June.  But those rumors seem to have been put to bed based on a report by DigiTimes.

In that report, it is indicated that Apple’s supply chain partners have been informed that production of the new MacBook Air won’t begin until the second half of 2018, meaning July at the earliest for production to begin.  While no reason was provided, speculation is that core components like processors were in short supply for Apple’s needs.

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