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Google Set to Improve Google Apps and Google Calendar Integration

Over the course of the next three weeks, Google is going to be rolling out updates to Google apps that will allow for events to be automatically entered into your Google Calendar.  Now users won’t have to create the events on their own – they simply will appear in your calendar from sources like Gmail.  The update is part of the continuing effort from Google to make their apps and services more user friendly and integrated.

In the blog post announced the change, Google uses the example of an upcoming flight you have booked and you have received the email confirmation in your Gmail account.

When an individual receives an email in Gmail with flight, hotel, restaurant, or ticketed event information, that event will be automatically added to their Google Calendar, complete with things like flight numbers and check-in times. Calendar will even update those events if plans change and a new email is received (for instance, when a flight is delayed or a reservation pushed back).

No more having to create these events on your own.  Google apps will do it for you.

Google Hangouts Website Now Available

Last week I told you about the all new Google Hangouts 4.0 that was released for Android as well as iOS (with a few less functions).  If you haven’t tried it out, do yourself a favor.  This is not the old Hangouts.  It’s far smoother an experience and generally a much nicer experience.  As part of that release, Google has quietly released a Google Hangouts website that allows you to use your browser to be your Hangouts app.  Like the apps for the mobile devices, it’s buttery smooth and beautifully designed.

Google Calendar Updated with Improved Viewing on Phones

Google has released an update to Google Calendar for Android tablets and phones which brings several improvements, especially for those who use the app on their phone.  The update, version 5.2.1-94626333-release for those keeping score at home, has mainly focused on improvements around the month views on Android phones but also has moved some of the navigation elements in the app to improve and streamline it.  Although the name suggests it is for Google’s online calendar service only, Google Calendar can be your single calendar app on your phone or tablet as it allows you to pull in data from other account types including Exchange and

Google Calendar – Free – Download Now

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