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Google WiFi Availability Expands to 5 More Countries in Europe

Google has announced that Google WiFi is now available in five new countries in Europe.  That brings the total to 12 countries in which you can buy the easy-to-use mesh WiFi network solution.  When the solution launched, it was available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand.  Add to that list Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The Google store in each of these 12 countries now has both the single and well as 3-pack WiFi solution available for purchase.

Google On App Rebranded Google Wifi

As expected, Google has gone through a rebranding exercise on the Google On app.  With the introduction of Google Wi-Fi in October, and now with that product shipping, the question wasn’t if the Google On app would change but rather would that change be a completely new app or, worse, a separate app.  Thankfully no.  Google Wifi is the name of the Google On app now, allowing you to control your entire Wi-Fi network, including your Google OnHub and Google Wi-Fi products.  The update is rolling out into the Play Store now and if you have Google On installed, you should see the update hit your devices over the course of the next 2-3 days.

At first glance, the UI for Google Wifi doesn’t look all that different than the previous one from Google On.  However, there are a lot of changes including the three tab navigation at the top of the app which gives you information, your network information and shortcuts to quick tidbits of information respectively.

Google Wi-Fi Goes On Sale

Google has begun taking orders for Google Wi-Fi, the company’s new mess-enabled wireless solution for homes.  Starting at $129 for a single unit and $299 for a 3-pack, the new wireless solution is aimed at making getting network coverage throughout a home quick and easy.  If you have a home of up to 1500 square-feet, a single unit will do the job for you while a 3-pack will cover a home up to 4500 square feet.  While orders are being taken, it will still be another 2-3 weeks before they ship out.

As readers will know, this is not Google’s first venture into home wireless.  The Google OnHub holds that honor and it works seamlessly with the new Google Wi-Fi solution.

Google Wi-Fi – Meet Death, OnHub

[Update] – The Google OnHub team has now sent out emails to OnHub users indicating that Google Wi-Fi will work with OnHub.  This is good news for sure as it means it isn’t a throw-away item but further development of OnHub itself is highly unlikely.

Today Google announced their newest home wireless network solution, Google Wi-Fi.  Designed to be a modular solution to cover any size home, Google Wi-Fi brings optimized networks to give you the best wireless experience in your home available.

Sound familiar?  It should because that is exactly what the company said Google OnHub would bring.  That product, after months of frustration for users by the lack of development by Google, appears to have gotten its death warrant today.

Last year, we introduced OnHub with partners TP-LINK and ASUS to create a better Wi-Fi experience, focusing on design and simplicity. Google Wifi, built on the strengths of OnHub, is our next step towards ensuring that our homes can have great Wi-Fi everywhere we need it.

This new Google Wi-Fi is built on what they learned from OnHub but as for OnHub itself, it is game over by all indications.

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