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Microsoft Updates Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft continues to develop and enhance their apps for Android with one of the newest, Arrow Launcher, getting a healthy update over the weekend.  The updated build is version 1.1.2 for those keeping score at home and there are a lot of fixes, improvements and UI changes in this update to the launcher.  Designed for Android phones, Arrow Launcher gives a mult-page look to your phone that brings things like contacts, widgets, most used apps and reminders within easy reach.

Xim Photo Sharing App Updated for Windows Phone

The social photo sharing app Xim from Microsoft Research has been updated today with several new features for the Windows Phone app.  If you aren’t familiar with Xim, don’t worry, most aren’t.  It is a photo sharing app that allows you to share photos from a variety of locations – Camera Roll, OneDrive, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram – with others who are on the Xim app.  Think Snapchat in a way.  The good news is the Xim app is available not only for Windows Phone but also for iOS and Android and you can even share photos with Amazon Fire TV sets.  It’s a pretty cool service and like Snapchat, Xim’s die after a certain amount of time.

The update released today, version for those keeping score at home, brings several key updates to the app as well as a host of bug fixes.

Xim for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Review of Tetra Lockscreen – Great Lockscreen Alternative

Like many elements of Windows Phone, the Lockscreen is one of the areas of personal expression on the platform.  Whether you decide to display your favorite photo, Facebook or Twitter photos or the Bing wallpaper of the day, it gives you this individual touch along with updates and information on your email, Facebook and other apps that you can choose.  Tetra Lockscreen takes those and pushes the Lockscreen up a level in functionality.  This app allows you to have that photo background of your choice or Bing but also brings a whole new level of content beyond just your messages, email and Facebook updates.  It makes the Lockscreen interactive and allows you to see details of your calendar for the day, your location, local weather and even can provide you a stopwatch.  It is a great example of the flexibility and power of Windows Phone.

The app comes from the Microsoft Garage (which was literally a garage on the Microsoft campus at one point) and is one of several apps that developers have released for Windows Phone and Android.  While the app isn’t officially supported by Microsoft, the Garage apps have all performed well and Tetra Lockscreen is no exception.  If you are looking to spruce up your Lockscreen with a bit more content, look no further than Tetra Lockscreen.

Tetra Lockscreen – Free – Download Now

Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone Launched

Yesterday there were a slew of Microsoft Garage apps that were launched for Windows Phone that bring new games and utilities to the platform.  If you aren’t familiar with it, Microsoft Garage is an internal program at Microsoft where people can develop apps in their free time and Microsoft will select some of the top apps and put them into the Windows Phone Store.  One of those apps yesterday was Tetra Lockscreen.

Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone brings a new level of functionality to your Lockscreen and makes it where you can interact with your Lockscreen to get various pieces of information.  It is unique and brings a level of functionality to what is normally nothing more than an at-a-glance feature of Windows Phone.  Tetra Lockscreen can provide you calendar details, a map of your current location, activity tracker and a stopwatch function, all of which you can tap and slide to access.  It is one of those apps that just makes sense and given that it is a free download, everyone should give it a go.

Tetra Lockscreen – Free – Download Now

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