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NOAA Hi-Def Radar for Windows Phone Released

WeatherSphere has released their NOAA Hi-Def Radar app for Windows Phone, bringing the impressive weather app to the platform following iOS and Android.  The app provides a wealth of weather and radar information to users, particularly those in the United States.  Further, it provides some unique features to other weather apps in the Windows Phone store that make this app immediately stand above many others available.

NOAA Hi-Def Radar for Windows Phone – $1.99 – Download Now

Microsoft Releases Movie Creator App for Windows Phone

Microsoft has released the all new Movie Creator app for Windows Phone which is aimed at making video creation quick and easy with an intuitive user experience.  The app, which is free, is technically a beta app so if you are one who avoids beta software, you may want to wait a few months before it is generally available.  That said, having had a go with the app this morning, it is stable.

Movie Creator For Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone Launched

Yesterday there were a slew of Microsoft Garage apps that were launched for Windows Phone that bring new games and utilities to the platform.  If you aren’t familiar with it, Microsoft Garage is an internal program at Microsoft where people can develop apps in their free time and Microsoft will select some of the top apps and put them into the Windows Phone Store.  One of those apps yesterday was Tetra Lockscreen.

Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone brings a new level of functionality to your Lockscreen and makes it where you can interact with your Lockscreen to get various pieces of information.  It is unique and brings a level of functionality to what is normally nothing more than an at-a-glance feature of Windows Phone.  Tetra Lockscreen can provide you calendar details, a map of your current location, activity tracker and a stopwatch function, all of which you can tap and slide to access.  It is one of those apps that just makes sense and given that it is a free download, everyone should give it a go.

Tetra Lockscreen – Free – Download Now

The New York Times Crossword App Released

The New York Times Crossword app has been released for both Windows Phone and Surface, bringing perhaps the most well known and popular daily crossword to your devices.  It is the perfect way to take on the challenge of the crossword game, which began publishing in 1942, with you on-the-go and you can do it completely free.

The new app brings you both a daily mini puzzle (for Windows Phone) then the published crossword for the day.  You can play either one of these completely free without a subscription to The New York Times and in fact can play the previous 7 days of puzzles for free.  If you want to go back further, up to a year on the device and 20 years on the web, you will need a subscription to the service.

The New York Times Crossword for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Official App for Windows Phone Released

In the flurry of new apps this week, another major release hit the Marketplace., the popular technology site, released their official shopping app for Windows Phone.  The app brings all of the things that I personally love about Newegg including great product descriptions and photos, reviews from buyers of that product (over 1.7 million reviews) and quick, in-app purchasing.  The app ties in with your account so purchasing is quick and easy – which is a good thing, right? 😀

Sports Tracker Comes to Windows Phone

It has been an impressive week for new apps for Windows Phone.  Several big name services have launched Windows Phone apps, the latest being Sports Tracker.  For many, Sports Tracker is a must have app that allows you to track your exercise routes.  It allows you to track multiple types of exercise and gives you a Bing-powered map of your route, your distance, pace and of course calories burned.  Best of all, it ties into your Sports Tracker account so you can keep a full history of your workouts in the cloud. Releases Boxdrive App for Free for Windows Phone

For those of you who use the cloud-based service Box can now access your files and photos from your Windows Phone.  The company has released their BoxDrive app in the Marketplace, a free app that gives you full access to your files from your phone.

Microsoft Releases New XBox Live Game Breeze for Windows Phone

If you are looking for a new game for your Windows Phone, Microsoft may have just the ticket.  Breeze, a new Xbox Live enabled game, allows you to control the, erm, breeze and blow flowers to goals throughout 60 different challenging levels.

The game allows you to control the breeze in the game by tapping on your screen which moves the flower throughout the level.  While some of the levels are easy, the more advanced levels get more challenging.  There are obsticles that you have to avoid all while keeping an eye on the clock.  I wouldn’t call this a super tough game but it is no doubt hours of fun for all ages.

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