Installing Apps On Your Windows Phone Remotely


Like iOS and Android, Windows Phone gives you the ability to easily install applications from the device itself, not requiring that you connect it to your PC or Mac.  So in that sense, no big deal right? It is known Khaleesi.  But there is one trick that Windows Phone has that sets it apart.  You can install apps even when your Windows Phone is in another room or maybe even sitting at home while you are in the office.  And these installs are done without any intervention by you.  It is just another way that Microsoft has made Windows Phone easy but you have to make sure your Windows Phone is set up to handle these remote installs.  I’ll show you in this how to what you need to adjust to make it happen.

Storage Sense Makes Moving Apps Easy


The challenge with any mobile device is storage.  Windows Phone is no exception and the beauty of the majority of devices on the market today is that you can easily expand that memory by adding a MicroSD card to it.  In my case, in both my Lumia 635 and Lumia 1320 I have a 64GB card, giving me ample room for apps, music, videos and podcasts.  I had the cards in the devices when If first set them up so I could chose where these things were stored.  I did this with a Nokia app named Storage Sense and even if you add a microSD card to your Windows Phone after getting it, this powerful app will make moving content from your phones memory to the card a snap.

Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 Review

If you know me or have followed me here or on AlliOSNews for any amount of time you know that I’m a big fan of Fitbit.  The wearable tracker helps me keep track of my activities for the day as well an integrating into MyFitnessPal, my diet tracking app.  Back in 2009 I started a weight loss program that would see me go from 290 lbs to my current weight (as of this morning) of 191.3 lbs.  Yes there was a lot of hard work involved by Fitbit helped me without a doubt.

One of the really exciting parts aspects of Windows Phone 8.1 is Bluetooth LE which allows things, like a Fitbit, to connect to your Windows Phone and sync automatically on-the-fly.  So it only makes sense that there would now be a full fledged Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 app available now that takes full advantage of this update.  If you have been a Fitbit user on Android or iOS, you will feel right at home with the app on Windows Phone.  It is identical in every way and even gives you up-to-the-minute updates thanks to the Live Tile for the app.

Nokia Lumia 635 – First Impressions

One thing that Microsoft is doing and doing well with Windows Phone is going after the entry level market.  They have been doing this for some time and their latest offering in that space, the Lumia 635, is packed with performance for the price.  I received a unit Friday to review and having spent the majority of the weekend with it, I have to say I’m very impressed.  For the price point of this Windows Phone – £129.95 here in the UK (about $240 US) Unlocked & SIM Free – it is a very powerful Windows Phone.  Sure it lacks some of the high end features, most notably a reasonable camera with a flash, but it is still a worthy contender for those who are looking for a budget friendly Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Store Passes 300,000 Apps

So just in case you missed it somewhere down the line, I left Windows Phone about 3 years ago out of frustration and started another site, AlliOSNews.  Now I like iOS but it isn’t magical.  I like the iPhone 5s as well but again, it isn’t magical.  To me, the magic was in Windows Phone.  But there was a glaring hole in the platform and that would be the app store.  When I left a few years ago there were less than 25,000 apps in the app store.  That was at a time when Apple was pushing some 300,000.  Yeah, it puts it into perspective that the Windows Phone Store has just now hit the 300K marker.

As I wrote in my first post here a couple of weeks ago, there were two main reasons I came back to the Windows Phone community (besides missing all you peeps of course!).  One was the improvements that Microsoft had made in Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 and the second was the Windows Phone Store was finally getting the attention it need from big developers.

Nokia Lumia 1320 – First Impressions

I have enjoyed getting back into the Windows Phone community and part of that enjoyment has come from listening to readers and colleagues in the community on all the devices that are out there today.  If there is a phone size with particular features or budget point, chances are there is a Windows Phone for you to fit the need.  I’ve been fortunate this week to not have just one but two Nokia Lumia phones in house to review.  The first is the Lumia 1320, the budget minded Phablet.  Make not mistake:  The 1320, like it’s big brother the 1520, is huge.  But it is also very feature rich, taking full advantage of that massive 6″ display and the battery life is unbelievable.

Having spent a few days with the Lumia 1320 I’ve got a good first impression of the device and while a full review will be coming next week, I wanted to give readers a preview and my overall impressions after a few days.

HTC One W8 Specs Confirmed – What Do You Think?

Tonight the team over at WP Central exclusively posted all the specifications of the anticipated HTC One W8.  When I saw the notification pop up, I immediately jumped on it and read it.  Pretty exciting stuff.  But I was eating sushi and not much gets in the way between me and sushi.  So now that I’ve had my sushi, rather than simply re-post what WPC posted, I’ll provide you a link to what I’m referring to in case you missed it.

Now my question to all of you is simple:  Do you care?  And perhaps equally as important, do you trust HTC to stay in the Windows Phone game with the HTC One W8 – or whatever the call it?  I ask in all seriousness because given HTC’s track record, they may have a public perception problem to overcome regardless of how awesome the W8 looks.

Facebook for Windows Phone Gets Updated

The Facebook for Windows Phone app has received a significant update today that brings an improved layout for the UI and a major boost in performance, particularly on slower Windows Phones.  The update, v5.3 for those keeping score, looks more native to Windows Phone than the previous version and Facebook Messenger is now supported in the app.  This is an interesting development given that Facebook is pushing iOS users to a standalone Messenger app (which is also available for Windows Phone).

How To Take A Screen Capture in Windows Phone 8.1


The ability to screen capture in Windows Phone 8.1 is easy to do and is the same process for any Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.  For those of us who blog and write about the platform, taking a screen capture is important so we can convey whatever it is we are posting about.  If you read the site or see my posts over in the Microsoft Community pages, you will see a lot of screen captures from me.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Even if you don’t write reviews however, you will find taking a screen capture in Windows Phone 8.1 something handy when you are showing friends something on your phone and sharing it via a social network or email.

Did You Upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1?

All the interwebs are a flutter now that Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 has been released to those on Developer Preview.  It seems many of you upgraded your Nokia Lumia’s to the latest from Redmond yesterday so you could take advantage of things like Live Folders and Cortana if you live outside of the United States.

So my question for you:  Did you upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 yesterday?  If so, what do you think?  Take the site poll below and leave a comment on your thoughts about the update or why you didn’t update.  If you ran into troubles (or have found a bug) what were those issues?  Keep in mind that this is technically beta software so a bug here or there is entirely probable.

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Be sure to leave a comment – good or bad – on your Update 1 experience.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Roll Out Begins for Developer Preview Users

Last week Microsoft stated that those who had been a part of the Developer Preview program would start seeing Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 roll out to their devices this week.  Here we are on Monday and the rollout has begun.  The update has been rolling out to DP members globally with several key improvements and enhancements now available on their devices.

How To Backup Your Windows Phone


We all now how important backups are on our Macs or PCs and your Windows Phone is no different.  You have a lot of data on there – Apps, pictures, files, etc – that if you lost, you would be frustrated at best and heart broken at worst.  Microsoft has made it quite easy to backup your Windows Phone, leveraging your OneDrive account to have a cloud-based backup of your phone that can easily be restored.

This How To is based on Windows Phone 8.1 so the screens may look slightly different if you are running an older version.