Windows Phone Marketplace Passes 40,000 in Available Apps

Having passed the 35,000 available app mark only in October, the Windows Phone Marketplace has now eclipsed the 40,000 available app mark today.  The news comes from All About Windows Phone who uses an internal application to keep track of the number of apps available.  The rate of progress:  Some 165 apps per day added on average!

At the time of writing, 40,189 items have been published. Of these, 10,882 were added in the last 90 days and 4,770 were added in the last 30 days. These items come from 10,731 different publishers.


Check out all of the information that All About Windows Phone has on this milestone including some very impressive charts and graphs on the breakdown of the types of apps.

Review of WordPress for Windows Phone

Whether you know it or not, as you read this you are viewing it on a WordPress powered blog.  I moved to WordPress a few years ago as it brought me the power to add social media integration, easier management and much faster posting times.  I can actually thank Judie Stanford over at Gear Diary for first turning me on to WordPress.

As one who is constantly on the go, the ability to quickly edit posts here on the site is important as well as being able to monitor comments that come in as well.  Fortunately the official WordPress app for Windows Phone allows me to do that and more.  It is an amazingly powerful app, allowing me to edit posts and pages, monitor and approve comments and even view site stats.  Plus the app supports Mango so I can pin each of my blogs as a Live Tile on my Start screen.  It is by far more powerful than the iPhone version of the WordPress app and more stable.  If you have your own blog or are thinking about starting one, WordPress and the WordPress app for Windows Phone are the way to go.

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AT&T Confirms Talks with Nokia to Bring Windows Phones in 2012

A great post over at WinRumors around AT&T and Nokia teaming up to launch Windows Phones together in 2012.  According to the post, talks have been underway for some time with some careful and strategic planning going on for how the devices will be marketed here in the US.

Glenn Lurie, head of AT&T’s tablets unit revealed that the carrier is working on the final details of the agreement to bring Nokia devices to the United States. “We look at every promotional period separately and decide what we’re going to spend our dollars on and what we’re going to put our efforts in,” Lurie said in aninterview with Bloomberg Business Week. “But nothing to announce there on that yet.”


Read the full post over at WinRumors – it sure sounds like exciting times are coming in 2012!


[Update 2] New HTC Update for Windows Phone Now Deploying – Tethering Now Available

It looks like HTC has pushed out an update for some of their Windows Phone chassis – the HD7 and Mozart.  The update appears to be a small one but does add one big feature – Tethering.  At least that is what Todd Osagawara (who got a tip from Daron Brewood at Smartphone Gurus) found on his HD7.

There are several other MVPs that I’m chatting with on this and some have seen the update and others haven’t so there is no clear indication on when you will receive it if you have these devices or if it is carrier specific.

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Holiday Discounts Already Available From GameStop

Yep, it’s starting to get to be that time of the year.  GameStop has offered readers two discounts for their online use.  If you spend $99.99 or more, you get $15 off or $149.99 or more you get $20 off.  See the links below.

$15 off in-stock purchases of $99.99 or more. Excludes consoles and gift cards. Expires 11/23/11. Use code: NOV15

$20 off in-stock purchases of $149.99 or more. Excludes consoles and gift cards. Expires 11/23/11. Use code: NOV20

How To Change The Wallpaper in The Windows Phone Picture Hub

One of the great features of Windows Phone is the level of personalization you can do to your Start screen.  Not only can you pin any app to the Start screen (and in Mango, even some specific parts of an application), you can customize the look and feel of it quite easily.  One of these personalizations is the ability to change the wallpaper in the Picture Hub.  This features has been there since the original release of Windows Phone and it is easy to change it to suit your style a little better.

Admittedly this is a easy How To so if you are an advanced Windows Phone user, you may want to stop reading here and go to the next post. 🙂  For those that are new however, let me show you how easy it is to make this change.

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Lets Golf 2 Now Available in the Windows Phone Marketplace

One of the anticipated games for Windows Phone has finally come to Marketplace.  Lets Golf 2, the popular & dare I say fun golf game from Gameloft, was released earlier this morning.  The game is one that is truly cross platform as it is already available for both the iPhone and iPad as well as Android (Lets Golf 3 for Android was released a couple of days ago).

Lets Golf 2 should not be considered a serious golf game in the vein of the Tiger Woods franchise from EA Mobile.  Rather it is a fun take on the ancient game, with anime characters doing the golfing, each with their own skills and talents.  It is very much a casual golf game but a fun one to be sure.

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