Pocket Casts Update Brings Small Bug Fixes

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Pocket Casts, one of the most popular podcasts apps for Android, has had a series of small updates over the past couple of weeks.  The latest update, version 6.2.3rd for those keeping score at home, brings a wide range of bug fixes to the app.  The developer, Shifty Jelly, has fixed an issue with the widget for the app on the OnePlus 2, fixed the lock screen skip buttons on Android 4.4 phones and addressed an issue with the podcast artwork flashing.  If you use Pocket Casts and have been impacted by one or more of these issues, this is the update you need to get from the Play Store.

Another issue that was addressed was double Chromecasting notifications.  They have attempted to address this issue but in the release notes, Shifty Jelly indicates that it is still possible you will get the default Android notification.  If you do, you can disable that in the settings on your phone or tablet.

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Pocket Casts Sees A Big Performance Update

The podcast app Pocket Casts has received a healthy update this morning, bringing with it a host of bug fixes and other stability improvements.  Pocket Casts is by far my favorite podcast app for Android with its ability to sync between my devices and generally good performance.  The update, however, aims to improve that performance and stability.  The updated build is for those keeping score at home and is available now in the Play Store.

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