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Download The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ Wallpapers

Last week as everyone probably knows by now, Samsung introduced the GalaxyNote 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+, their two latest editions to the Galaxy line up.  The specs for both devices are impressive and you can check out the Galaxy Note 5 specs here while the Galaxy S6 edge+ specs are here.  As with any new device, there are a set of new wallpapers that come with them.  While I’m not a huge fan of Samsung devices, I do think their wallpapers are nice and I’ve managed to get all of them from both devices for you to download.

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Smooth Stones

15 New Wallpapers Available for Your Android or Windows Phone

This morning I have uploaded 15 new wallpapers for you to download (for free) and use on your Android or Windows Phone device.  These wallpapers are not original creations but rather a collection of those I have found across the Web over the past few weeks.  As such it is a bit of what I like and hopefully you will too.

To get to the wallpaper page, just use the top navigation of the site or click this link.  There you will find the entire collection.

Wallpapers are a great way to personalize your mobile experience, be it your phone, tablet or even your laptop PC or Macbook.  There are literally millions of them on the web so my little collection is far from complete nor will it have something for everyone.

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Lumia 640 Icon

Get the Lumia 640 Wallpapers Today

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Lumia 640, you can at least get the next best thing while you wait:  The wallpapers that ship on the Lumia 640.  Thanks to the team at WindowsMania.pl (and a follow up link from the team at Wmpoweruser) you can now get a .rar file that contains all of the wallpapers that will ship with the Lumia 640 when it is released.  As I posted Monday and Yesterday, it is expect that the Lumia 640 will start pre-orders this week or next with a mid-April ship date.

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I love windows phone icon

14 New Windows Phone Wallpapers

It is a rainy holiday here in England today so I’ve taken advantage of the forced inside time to get a little editing done.  Over on the Windows Phone Wallpaper page I’ve added 14 new 720×1280 wallpapers that I’ve been busy creating this morning.  All of these you are free to download and use on your own devices and share them as you please.  I’ve also added them to this post after the break.

I’ve also taken some time this morning to generally clean up the page, dividing it into two sections.  The top section remains the 480×800 Windows Phone wallpapers that are for Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices with lower resolution screens.  The new 720×1280 section is just below it on the page.

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How To Change The Wallpaper in The Windows Phone Picture Hub

One of the great features of Windows Phone is the level of personalization you can do to your Start screen.  Not only can you pin any app to the Start screen (and in Mango, even some specific parts of an application), you can customize the look and feel of it quite easily.  One of these personalizations is the ability to change the wallpaper in the Picture Hub.  This features has been there since the original release of Windows Phone and it is easy to change it to suit your style a little better.

Admittedly this is a easy How To so if you are an advanced Windows Phone user, you may want to stop reading here and go to the next post. :-)  For those that are new however, let me show you how easy it is to make this change.

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I Love Windows Phone PC Wallpaper

Yesterday I posted the I Love Windows Phone wallpaper for your Windows Phone.  Today I thought I’d round out your Windows Phone lovin’ with a version for your PC or Mac.

I Love Windows Phone PC Wallpaper

The wallpaper is 1900×1200 and works on a PC or a Mac.  Just click the image above then save it to your computer.

This is just one of hundreds of mobile wallpapers that are on the site.  You can find all of them by going to the dedicated page.  All of them are free for you to download either from your PC, Mac or mobile device.

I love windows phone icon

The I Love Windows Phone Wallpaper for Your Windows Phone

Over the course of the past few days I have been on the hunt for the icon-based “I Love Windows Phone” wallpaper for my Windows Phone.  Who knew it would be so difficult?  I found plenty of wallpapers but not the specific one I was looking for in my quest.

Finally I found it last night and instead of making all of you go hunt for it, I’m going to post it here.

I Love Windows-Phone-7-Wallpaper

If you want this wallpaper for your Windows Phone, just click the image above then save it to your photos or SkyDrive then transfer it to your phone.  If you are viewing this via your Windows Phone, just click the image and save it to your Photos.