ChevronWP7 Back Online to Developer Unlock Your Windows Phone

It has been about a week since the development team at ChevronWP7 stopped selling their unlocking tokens due to a bug that they discovered in their latest update.  As of this morning however things appear to be back to normal.

ChevronWP7 is a service that allows you to Developer Unlock (or as it is known in the Android world, “root”) your Windows Phone 7 device.  Why would you want to do this?  It allows you to “side load” applications outside of Marketplace to bring functionality or features to your phone which are not approved by Microsoft.  This is also a great tool for developers to try out their apps on a phone before submitting it to Microsoft for approval.

To Developer Unlock your Windows Phone, you will need a token from ChevronWP7 which is $9 per phone.  You will also need to sign up with your Windows Live account that you use on your Windows Phone and will need a PC to download and run the application required to actually unlock the device.

Is ChevronWP7 for everyone?  No, of course not.  If you are not comfortable with this process then stay away.  It is very much for advanced users.

Check out more information on the ChevronWP7 site.


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