Welcome to my How To pages!  Here you will find hundreds of helpful tips, tricks and guides for Windows, Windows Phone, Android and Chrome OS.  I hope you find them helpful. As a user of all of these platforms, there are times where I find something that I think others could benefit from knowing or there is something so buried in the respective platform that finding it is a chore. In either case, my goal is to help other users find ways of making their tech work better for them.  I am by no means an expert nor do I know it all – so in other words, don’t write me for tech support. 🙂

This main page is where you will start to go to the various sections of guides and tips that I’ve written.  Each of these guides can be downloaded, printed or shared as you see fit (I do of course

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Android Marshmallow

appreciate a link back instead of a outright copy-and-paste to your site!).  Each section below covers the topics in the headline and the content in each section will vary depending on the platform.  Given that my heritage is with Windows and Windows Phone, you will find more content there than you will with Android or Chrome right now (as of November 2015).  That’s changing as rapidly as I can make it happen.

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Thanks for visiting my How To pages and guides. I hope they are helpful in your quest to make your devices work better for your day-to-day.