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Have a tip or trick?  Want to have me review your software or  accessory?  This is the page for you then!  Using the form below you can contact Clinton Fitch and with whatever it is you would like to tell us.

Hate a review?  No problem, tell me!

Love a review?  Even better!  Tell me!

If you are wanting me to review your software for Android, Windows or iOS, there are a few guiding rules:

  • You need to provide me the full version of the application
  • Reviews generally take 2-3 weeks (yes, I actually use the application)
  • I do not accept payments for reviews.

If you have an accessory for Android or Chromebooks that you want me to review, here are your guiding rules:

  • The product must be a review sample and will not be returned
  • Reviews generally take 2-3 weeks
  • I do not accept payments for reviews

8 Replies to “Contact Clinton”

  1. Hi Clinton!,

    We saw a great review you authored about one of our competitors, and were curious if you would be interested in having us send a demo product over for a review.

    Let us know if this is of interest!

    Keep up the great writing!

    ~Team TarDisk

  2. Hi Clinton,
    I enjoy your work.
    Dig your app, how much to get rid of these adds, they are wreaking havoc on the visual experience.

    1. Hi ATLR,

      Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

      Ironically I pushed out an update this morning that will lower the number of ads but they will be there a while until I get the development costs paid off. My goal is to eventually have a ad-supported version and a paid, ad-free version but I’m a few months away from that.


  3. Hello Clinton,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I am Abhishek, curator of the popular blog – Perhaps, you remember me from Google+.

    I am really impressed on how well you are running this blog. Therefore, I would like to hire you as an editor for Gtricks.

    I believe that together we can create a beautiful community for Google lovers. Our areas of interest match and there is absolutely no reason to not join hand. Two heads are better than one.

    Our individual efforts will not make much impact, but together we can reach a wider audience and can win many hearts.

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