Twitter App for Windows Phone Gets Another Update

For the second time in less than a week, Twitter has released an update to their official app for Windows Phone.  What it contains is… well, that’s actually a good question.  I have no idea what it fixes, changes or adds to the app and frankly it doesn’t seem anyone else does either.  I’ve asked fellow bloggers at different Windows Phone sites if they have seen anything new since the release earlier in the week and none have been able to find anything new.  I can only assume it is a bug fix of some type.

What I do know is that this 2nd release still doesn’t support Live tiles or does it allow you to pin things like your Timeline or Mentions onto your Start screen.  It does support task switching in Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) but that seems to be the only thing that it does support in the new OS at this point.

You can get Twitter in the Marketplace at this link.

By-the-way, if you need Live tile support check out Hidden Pineapple’s Rowi.  Rowi is $2.99 in the Marketplace and was recommended to me by my friend Johan over at Mobility Minded.  It is great and having had a glimpse at the beta, it is only going to get better.  Well worth the price.  You can get Rowi at this link and can follow Rowi on Twitter at @rowiapp

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