MSN Apps for Windows Phone Get Mystery Updates

Overnight the MSN apps for Windows Phone were updated and you should see those notifications on your device now.  What was updated?  That’s a great question.  It is a complete mystery as there are no release notes in the app notes for them.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  If you remember back in October we got a similar update of mystery.

So far this morning I have seen updates for Weather, News, Health & Fitness, Travel and MSN Money.  I have not seen an update to

MSN App for Windows Phone Updates

MSN App for Windows Phone Updates

MSN Sports yet but it could just be that it hasn’t hit the UK store yet.  In reviewing the updated apps this morning, I found no significant changes to any of them – good or bad.  I did notice that on the initial start of each app after the upgrade that it took a few seconds for it to initialize.  I suspect that was doing some backend data updates.  However upon starting the apps again, they were zippy as normal.

If you notice any changes in the app do leave a comment below and let every know.  For now, I guess it is just enjoy the updates!

Update:  Ashish Mohta, CEO & Editor of WPXbox tweeted me this morning that the MSN apps can now be installed on a SD storage card and do no have to be installed in your phone’s main storage.  I tested this on my Lumia 1320 and indeed, all the apps can now be installed on the SD card.  Thanks Ashish!

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