Flickr App Gets A Big Update With Auto Upload Functionality

Yahoo has released a big update to the Flickr app for Android that brings a host of new features including the ability to auto upload your photos to the cloud service.  The update version will vary per device but on my BLU VIVO IV running KitKat 4.4, it is version 4.0.1 for those keeping score at home.  There are a lot of other changes in this update and if you are a Flickr user you need to get it.  Along with the auto uploading feature there are UI improvements and photo editing capabilities built into it.

Flickr for Android – Free – Download Now

The headline change in this update to Flickr is the auto uploading function.  Now when you snap a photo on your phone, it can be automatically uploaded to your Flickr account.  Every account comes with 1TB of storage for free so you have a lot of space to upload your photos.  When you upload your photos to the service, they are marked as private so you don’t have to worry about

Auto Upload in Flickr

Auto Upload in Flickr

accidentally sharing something publicly that you didn’t want to share.  You can also limit if you want the service to use Wi-Fi only or to use your cellular data to upload your photos.

By default the service is turned off but when you start Flickr after this update you will be prompted on if you want to use it or not.  You can always turn it on or off later in the Settings of the app.

None of this is really earth shattering as Google and Microsoft have offered this with Google Photos and OneDrive respectively on Android for some time now.  Indeed Flickr users on iOS will know that the auto upload feature has been there for some time.  Still, it is good to see Yahoo bring this to Android as it gives users choice on where they want to store their photos and share them.  And, if you want to be really safe, auto upload photos to all three services! 🙂

The Flickr app also got a big UI update in this version.  It has a much more camera roll look-and-feel then before and the timeline view has improved browsing, organization and sharing.

Lastly, you now have photo editing built into the Flickr app to use on your photos.  While they are not the most sophisticated tools, they cover the basis well like cropping, straightening and auto enhancements.  The tools are aimed to give you quick touch up edits, not proper post editing.

The Flickr app is free and you will need a free Yahoo account to use the service.

Flickr for Android – Free – Download Now


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