Google Play Games Update Brings One-Tap Friend Finding

The Google Play Games app for Android has been updated today bringing with it a new feature that makes finding fellow players in your Circles or out one tap away.  The update, version 3.0.11 (1917563-038) for those keeping score at home, is for all Android devices and allows you to quickly and easily find your friends to compare your stats and connect with them.  The idea of course is to make it easier for you to find your friends for a bit of friendly competition.

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When you open up Google Play Games you will now have the option to see your friends and the games they are playing by going to the hamburger menu then navigating to Players.  This is divided up into two areas:

Google Play

Google Play

  • Friends are playing” These are the friends in your Circles from your Google+ account who have played games on Google Play Games.  There you can see their stats, the games they have played and their achievements in those games.
  • You may know: These are suggestions of people that you may know on Google+.  You can tap the Circles button to add them to one of your circles if you want to friend them in the app (which of course adds them to your Google+ Circles)

Aside from this new feature there are not other noted improvements or changes in the Release Notes.

The Google Play Games app is free in the Play Store


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