Lollipop 5.1 Coming To The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge This Summer

Canadian carrier Rodgers is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be receiving the Lollipop 5.1 update later this summer.  In a post on Android Central today, the carrier is slating the June time frame for the release of the update which will bring several new features including a guest mode and the ability to shoot photos in RAW format.

For those scratching their heads, yes, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge did ship with Lollipop but it was the 5.0 version.  The 5.1 update, in addition to the features I mentioned, brings other substantial improvements to the platform including better security and battery performance.

While Rodgers has committed to the Lollipop 5.1 update in June, others have been mum on when they will release the update for these devices.  The expectation is that all Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices will get the update this summer and likely in June.  That however isn’t confirmed and it could be longer for some carriers to do their testing and get the update out to their customers.

Yes AT&T, I’m looking at you.

Interestingly, when Lollipop 5.0 was released, Guest mode and the Camera 2 API were both in the mix but Samsung chose not to deploy those with the initial release of the latest Galaxy devices.


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