LG V10 on T-Mobile To See Marshmallow Coming This Week

Good news for a Monday morning for those who have the LG V10 on the T-Mobile network.  According to T-Mobile’s product manager, Des Smith, the V10 will be seeing the Android Marshmallow update drop sometime this week.  The news came from Des via Twitter and

While a exact day that the update will come to the V10 isn’t clear, the good news is that it is coming finally.

In the Tweet from Des, there is no indication if any other apps from T-Mobile will be a part of the build.  Generally T-Mobile is pretty good about not putting additional apps (bloatware) in their

LG V10

LG V10

images so my guess is that you can expect a pretty straightforward version of Marshmallow when it does get released.

For those who haven’t seen the upgrade to Marshmallow yet, expect the download to be near 1GB in size so you will need to be on Wi-Fi to download it.  Also expect a 10-20 minute overall install time and a few reboots during the process.  Once it is done, you will have all the goodies that are in Marshmallow like better security, Doze and App Sleep.

If you have’t read it, here is my review of Android Marshmallow.

If you have an LG V10 on the T-Mobile network and see the Marshmallow update, do drop a line below and let me know how the install goes.

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