Need Help With Google Home? Try the Google Home Forums

Like most products and apps from Google, Google Home has a user-based help forum available for everyone.  The forum is a great place to go get answers to your questions, find out news and information and interact with experts both from Google and other users on Home.  While the Home forums are not as active as other forums like the the one for Gmail, Project Fi or Google Photos, it is getting there pretty quick as more people order the smart speaker device for their home.

Google Home

Google Home

If you have a Home and are looking for some help or answers, head over to the forum and take a look around.  It is possible that your question has already been answered so be sure to do a search of the forum.  If not, you can easily post a question and one of the product experts or even a Googler will reply back with information if the answer is known.  If you are familiar with the forums for other products, you may be looking for who are the Top Contributors or Rising Stars.  Right now, because the product and the forum are both new, there are not any designated TCs yet.  That’ll change soon enough as more of us who are TCs in other communities (I am one in Google Photos) answer questions and, of course, new users who lend a helping hand to their fellow Home user.

Check out the forums to get help or to help others.  It’s a great community across a wide range of Google products and apps.

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