Today’s Deal – Big Savings on RAVPower External Battery Packs

Today’s Deal is on your choice of external battery packs from RAVPower.  Over at Amazon, they have three different models ranging from $19.49 up to $37.49 but all are anywhere from 51 to 63% off the regular price.  The 12000 mAh model has dual USB ports and 2.4A of output for $19.49.  This is the new model of this pack which is 20% smaller and 15% lighter than the previous model.  It will give you 3 charges of a Galaxy S7, has a combined 3.4A output (2.4A max each) on its dual USB charging ports and has RAVPower’s iSmart technology for fast, safe and efficient charging of your devices.  This pack is also using the lates Li-Polymer technology for higher performance and better protection against short circuits and over-charging.  At $19.49, this is a solid deal.

Next up is the 16750mAh model that also has dual USB ports but higher total energy output.  This $23.99 model can charge a Galaxy S7 3.5 times and claimed to have the hight output of any external pack on the market in this capacity.  It features 4.5A of total output which makes it capable of charging 2 tablets at the same time.  It too features batteries that have over 500 charge cycles, have short-circuit and over-current protection to keep you and your device safe.  Normally this model is $41, so at $23.99 you are saving about 61%.

Finally there is the 26800mAh mega-pack from RAVPower.  This pack is on sale right now for $37.99 and it normally is $79.99.  That’s a healthy 53% savings for this pack that can charge a Galaxy

RAVPower 26800mAh External Power Pack

RAVPower 26800mAh External Power Pack

S7 six times.  It has three USB ports for charging three devices at the same time and has a total output power of 5.5A.  Like the other models, the 26800mAh has iSmart technology for safe and efficient charge of your devices, the latest in Li-Polymer technology and safety features and it features a 2A MicroUSB charging port.  That means that it can recharge much faster than other battery packs which usually charge only at 1A.  This is the pack to consider if you know you are going to need a lot of charge between hitting electrical outlets to charge (say camping or hiking or a long flight).  At $37.99 it certainly has the power you need at a great price.

All the sale prices on these packs from RAVPower are through today and all are eligible for Prime Shipping.

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