Project Fi App Update Gives Management on Group Plans

The Project Fi app for Android and Fi members has an update rolling out that allows some management features of Group Plans.  Referred to as the “M” update, users who upgrade and have group plans enabled will be able to manage some elements of that plan including being able to limit a users data allocation.  However, in order to create a group plan, add or delete a member of the plan, you will still need to go through the Fi website.

Group Plans have been in Fi for a few months now and had been one of the most requested features of the MVNO service from Google.  Like other carriers, group plans allow you to share a pool of data with up to 5 members.  It is great for families or even small businesses.

If you don’t use group plans then the “M” update isn’t going to bring you any new features.  There are the customary bug fixes and performance improvements but what exactly was addressed was

Project Fi Per App Data Usage

Project Fi

not released from Google.

If you have the Fi app then you should see the update over the course of the next few days.   If you haven’t tried Fi and are curious about it, you can read my review here and can save $20 off your bill after you’ve been with the service for 30 days.

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