LineageOS Passes One Million Installs in Just Over Three Months

The skyrocketing growth of LineageOS continues with the stats page for the platform now reporting over one million installs.  Considering that the company, rising from the ashes of Cyanogen, started on December 24, 2016, it is a staggering number.  As you would expect, many owners of devices with Cyanogen have flocked to LineageOS and the company has disappointed.  They have continued to add devices old and new to their lineup of supported devices, both running build 13 (Marshmallow based) and build 14 (Nougat based).  But equally, they have attracted a lot of attention from Cyanogen users and others who are looking for a different Android experience.

Oh, and remember, it was just last month that they passed the 500,000 install mark.  That’s growth peeps.

When the platform passed the 500K mark in February, the top installed device was the OnePlus One.  A month later the OnePlus One is still in the top slot with over 67,000 installs.  Coming in second is the OnePlus 3, but a distant 2nd with only 38,900 installs.  In all, LineageOS is installed on over 1000 different device types which includes duplicates or one-off phone models.

Country wise, India is the number one consumer of the platform with some 74,800 installs on devices in that country.  Canada is about 8,000 installs behind while the United States is a distant 3rd with some 47,000 installs.

If you care curious about LineageOS, you can check out there site and get all the details on which phones they have supported builds for today.  This list seems to be constantly growing so keep checking back if you don’t find your device.

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