Microsoft Edge Pushes Past One Million Downloads on Android

The Microsoft Edge browser for Android continues to make its mark in the handful of months it has been available.  The browser has now surpassed the one million downloads mark in the Google Play Store.  That puts it in reasonably elite company in the store and it has hit this mark just a week after being released from its beta program.

Edge is part of Microsoft’s broader mobile strategy which is aimed at making their apps available on whatever device you happen to be using – Android or iOS.  Edge also ties your Android phone closely to your Windows 10 PC by allowing you to start a browsing session on your phone then move it to your PC to continue at the moment or later.

Microsoft Edge also can sync your passwords and bookmarks across your device and PC too, something that you have been able to do for a while now with Google Chrome.

For now, Edge has a limited footprint on where it is available which makes the one million download mark even more impressive.  The browser is available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, India, China, Canada and Australia.  It is likely Microsoft will expand its availability into localized Play Store markets throughout 2018.

If you haven’t tried Microsoft Edge, especially if you are a Windows 10 users, give it a go.  It is free and performs quiet well.

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