Microsoft Teams Update Brings Call Functionality to Enterprise Customers

Microsoft has rolled out a significant update to their collaboration app & service for enterprises, Microsoft Teams.  The update adds call functionality to the service and could allow an enterprise to completely move away from Skype as a calling and collaboration solution.

You may recall that Microsoft is positioning teams as a replacement for Skype for Business and their roadmap for that transition included the addition of calling functionality to Teams.

With these new features, you can now have full dialing capabilities.  This includes things like call history, the ability to put calls on hold, speed dials, transfers, forward, caller ID (and masking), extension dialing, voicemail and TTY to name just a few features.  In other words, this update allows Microsoft Teams to become a complete cloud-based PBX solution.

In order for an enterprise to take advantage of this update, they must have the Office 365 E5 license which includes Phone System.  Phone System is the product formerly known as Cloud PBX.  Customers can also add Calling Plan, formerly PSTN Calling, to complete the solution.

These new features in Teams go a long way in making it a true Skype for Business replacement and further, a traditional or cloud-based PBX replacement.  With it, the solution can be your one-stop for calls and meetings with both internal and external participants involved.

For more information, contact your Microsoft enterprise partner.


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