Google Photos Now Can Generate Theme Movies from Your Photos

Google Photos has a new video creation feature that can turn photos from your library into a themed video for you to share.  The video can be nine different themes including, appropriately enough for February, St Valentine’s Day.  The feature is rolling out now to all accounts on Google Photos both on the web and in the app.

The nine themes include:

  • They Grow Up So Fast – takes photos from your library of children as they get older
  • Meow Movie – photos of your cat into a movie because, cat videos
  • Doggie Movie
  • In Loving Memory – video for friends and family who have passed on
  • Selfie Movie
  • Smiles of 2017
  • Mother’s Day Movie
  • Father’s Day Movie
  • Valentine’s Day Movie

Using the new tool is as simple as selecting the theme you want, then selecting the subject of that video and tap next.  Once you do that, Photos will start creating the video behind the scenes on your phone.

The videos will be between 1-2 minutes and when it is done, you can go to Assistant in Google Photos to save it to your library.

Google Photos Movie Themes

Google Photos Movie Themes

The new feature is pretty much rolled out to everyone at this point so you should see it when you go to Assistant>Movies within the app or online.

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