Kindle for iOS Update Brings in App Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading Support

The Kindle for iOS app has a new update rolling into the App Store today that brings several enhancements for readers.  The new build is version 6.6 for those keeping score at home and should be available for everyone at this point.  The big news in this update is the support for Kindle Unlimited subscriptions and Prime Reading right within the app itself.

Kindle Unlimited is a $9.99 per month subscription that allows you to read an unlimited number of books at no additional cost.  Think of it as a pay-for library where you can borrow a book and read it.  Until now, you had to go to the Kindle Unlimited site to borrow the book and then it would be added to your Kindle for iOS app on your devices.  Now, if you have the subscription, you can add books to your Kindle app from within it, saving you time and steps.

Prime Reading is included with Prime subscriptions and generally gives you newer books but not the latest like the Unlimited plan does.  This too allows you to add a book to your library from within the app without having to go to the site.

Other changes include an improved magazine reading view for mobile device reading.  It is limited to just a handful of magazines including US Weekly and Food Network as an example.  If you have subscriptions to these magazines, be sure to check out the new look to the reader on your iPhone or iPad.

There are few other minor tweaks in the app too, so overall, it is a great update to one of the more popular reading apps for iOS.

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