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Google Fit Website Gets A Material Makeover

Google has quietly rolled out a major update to the Google Fit website, the site that accompanies the health and fitness app for Android phones and tablets.  Since the launch of Google Fit a couple of years ago, the site has been a somewhat bland white and grey look with whatever highlight color you selected for your information.  The information was there but frankly the site wasn’t very organized.  That has all changed.  The Google Fit site now has a beautiful Material design look with far more information at your fingertips.  In fact, it makes the Google Fit app (which I’m a big fan of and use daily) look a bit antiquated.

Review of Google Fit – Powerful But Lots of Room for Growth

When compared to some of the more advanced activity tracking apps available in the Google Play Store, Google Fit seems pretty basic.  And it is.  While designed to be a hub of all your physical activity, Google Fit has some growing up to do.  Yet there is a simplicity about the app that makes it a joy to use.  It’s not cluttered with endless bar charts or huge amounts of data shoved in your face.  The data’s there, but tucked away so you only focus on the here and now.

I’ve been using Google Fit for the past several weeks as I explore its benefits and its limitations.  There are plenty of both and if Google continues to build on it as they have done over the past few months, it will be a powerful application for you to keep track of your steps, miles walked, runs, swims and other activities along with your weight.  Plus, there are already other apps like Withings and RunKeeper that plug into Google Fit to be that central hub of activity.  And it’s free and with Android Wear support, the future is bright for this app.  But you will need a bit of patience for now.

Google Fit – Free – Download Now

Google Fit Adds Home Screen Widgets and Other Updates

Google Fit, the activity tracking app that uses the GPS and accelerators in your Android Phone, has been updated with a raft of new features and functionality.  Chief amongst those updates is a new Home Screen Widget where you can quickly see your progress towards your daily fitness goals. The latest update is build 1.52.44-000 for those keeping score at home and it is certainly worth the update for those who use or are considering using the app.  If you aren’t familiar with it, Google Fit allows you to easily and accurately (especially with this update) track your steps, miles you have walked or run along with other activities which you can select to keep track of your activity levels.  While it isn’t going to give you the granular detail of say a Fitbit or Up!, it is certainly a great and free way to track your activity levels for a healthier lifestyle.

Google Fit for Android – Free – Download Now

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