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Google Play Newsstand Update Brings Automatic Magazine Download

Google has released an update to the Google Play Newsstand app that brings a new and asked for feature to the news & magazine app:  Automatic magazine subscription downloads.  As one who uses this app having migrated from the Amazon Kindle app for my magazines, it is a very welcome feature which I frankly missed after moving over.  The update is version 3.4.3 for those keeping score at home and it is available now in the Google Play Store and pretty much completes it as a news & magazine app in my opinion.  I moved to it about two months ago full time and I’ve not looked back.  I find the performance of the app to be outstanding.

Google Play Newsstand – Free – Download Now

Google Play Newsstand Update Brings Ability to Pin Sources To Your Home Screen

Many like to compare Google Play Newsstand to Flipboard, the news and information curation app and service.  While Flipboard certainly has its strengths and features that Google Play Newsstand doesn’t offer, the Google alternative does have some great features.  Frankly I look at these as complementary apps more than anything because Google’s app, while Flipboardesque in many ways, equally has some features that make it stand out.  Most notably, it is your source for magazine reading for your Google Play subscriptions through the Play Store.

The latest update to Google Play Newsstand is available now and it brings a great new feature that allows you to pin a news source from the app directly onto your Home Screen, saving you from having to tap into the app.  You love everything you read on AP (Associated Press)?  Then pin it to your Home Screen.  To get this new feature you need to be running the latest version of Google Play Newsstand, build 3.4.2 on Android phones for those keeping score at home, which is available as now in the Play Store

Google Play Newsstand – Free – Download Now

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