Check for Update Button Works in Latest Google Play Services Beta

With the release of the March Android Security Update patches earlier today, the opportunity has come to test the Check for update button on Pixel devices.  And guess what?  It works again.

The saga of the Check for update button has been going on for months – really years if you take in the fact that it has never really done anything in the past.  That changed late last year when Google indicated that the button would actually go tap the update servers in Google and give you the latest update for your Pixel or Nexus.  Then an update to Google Play Services broke it.  Then a new beta of Google Play Services was released with the explicit indicator that it fixed the issue.  But that update came out after the February Android Security Update patches.  So today was the first real opportunity to test it.

Having tested it out on my Google Pixel XL, which is running the Play Services beta, I indeed have had the March update pushed to my phone.  For me, I had to tap the button a few times before it finally downloaded it but it did work.  Some have been able to get it to work on the first tap, others have taken more.  So yes, it works.  But there is clearly work to be done on this beta of Play Services to make it stable & reliable.

Hopefully this will end the torrid tale of the Check for update button, at least on Google devices.  For those that want to join the Play Services beta, you can do so here.

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