Google Play Services Beta Fixes The Check for Update Button on Pixel Phones

A new beta of Google Play Service is currently available and it is bringing a much desired fix to the “Check for Update” button on Google Pixel devices.  The new beta build is version 12.2.09 and multiple sources are reporting that at least on the Pixel 2 lineup, you can actually tap the “Check for Update” option in Settings and it will immediately go download the new February Android Security Update patches.

The Check for Update button has been broken for a while now.  A fix was to come with Android Oreo but an update to Google Play Services, the culprit in all of the issues, broke it again late last year.  Google then indicated that a fix would be coming in 2018.  That fix now appears to be happening.

If you want to join the beta program, it is easy enough to do so by going here to sign up.  Once everything is completed and you registered, you will be able to download the beta of Google Play Services.  It can take a few hours.  Once you have it, you can test and see if the update fixes the Check for Update button on your Pixel or Nexus device.

For those that don’t want to go into the beta channel, no worries.  The updated build will likely go to the Stable channel in the next few weeks barring any unforeseen issues that pop up.  Hey, you’ve lived with it broken this long, what’s a few more weeks?

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