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LineageOS 15.1 Support Expanded to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

LineageOS has rolled out support for the 2016 Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL in their latest firmware build of Android Oreo 8.1.  In LineageOS terms, that build 15.1.  The addition of the two Google phones adds to an ever increasing number of devices that the independent Android development group, which rose from the ashes of CyanogenMod, supports.

Like other phones, in order to use LineageOS on your Pixel or Pixel XL, you will need to have the bootloader unlocked and be comfortable with manually installing a software build.  It isn’t an overly difficult process but if you aren’t familiar with the process or comfortable with it, its best to stay away.

Android Oreo 8.1 Update Starting to Roll Out for The Asus ZenFone 3 Max

The 2016 Asus ZenFone 3 Max is getting a nice surprise for owners starting today.  The company has pushed out the Android Oreo 8.1 update to the phone along with the new ZenUI 5.0 update to the phone.  The updated firmware is version 15.0200.1807.406 for those keeping score at home.

The update can be checked for on our ZenFone 3 Max by going to Settings>About>System Update.  Given that it has just been released, it make take a few days to get to everyone so patience is the key.

LineageOS 15.1 Brings Android Oreo 8.1 to The OnePlus One

When the OnePlus One, the first phone from OnePlus, was released back in 2014, it was an almost instant hit.  The price for what you got in the phone was hard to beat and it had almost a cult-like following from fans.  But, like all manufactures, OnePlus eventually dropped support for the phone as new models were released.  In other words, there was no chance it would ever see Android Oreo 8.1.

Fast forward to 2018 and the OnePlus One lives on.  LineageOS, the company that rose from the ashes of CyanogenMod (which is what was originally running on the OnePlus One ironically), has just added support of Android Oreo 8.1 for the OPO along with a handful of other devices.  The support comes to LineageOS 15.1, the build which is based on Oreo 8.1.

Android Oreo 8.1 Now Available for The Moto X4 on Project Fi

Good news this morning for Moto X4 owners who are on Project Fi.  Your Android Oreo 8.1 update is now ready to download.  The update follows up the Oreo update back in December for the device which is the first non-Google branded phone to work with Google’s MVNO service.

If you have a X4 on Fi, you should have the update available by checking for it in the device’s settings under the About phone section.  It is a small update given that it is incrementing the Oreo build on the device but it is always a good ideal to download these types of updates via WiFi.

OxygenOS 5.1 Update for the OnePlus 5 and 5T Brings Oreo 8.1

OnePlus has released OxygenOS 5.1 for the OnePlus 5 and 5T today, bringing Android Oreo 8.1 to the two phones as well as other improvements to the device.  On the OnePlus 5T, it also brings the new full screen gesture support which is similar to the gestures found on Apple’s iPhone X.  The gestures have generated a bit of controversy as they appear to almost directly mimic Apple’s gestures on their flagship phone – but the implementation in testing has been lackluster with multiple user issues.

Along with Oreo 8.1, OxygenOS 5.1 brings the April Android Security Update patches to the phone as well as a new optimizing gaming mode which pauses the adaptive brightness of the screen and has power saving features.

Android Oreo 8.1 Begins Arriving on the Razer Phone

The ultimate Android gaming phone, the Razer Phone, has its shiny new Android Oreo 8.1 update rolling out according to the company.  While it will take several weeks to get to everyone, once it arrives, you will get all the goodies that 8.1 brings along with some stability improvements and the latest Android Security Updates.

For those that don’t recall, the Razer Phone was borne out of the acquisition that the company made of Nextbit last year and their first phone is a powerhouse of a gaming and entertainment device, sporting HDR video and Dolby audio for Netflix to name but a few of its high end features.  Couple that with its 120MHz refresh rate and it provides a great gaming experience in your hands.

Essential Phone on Sprint Now Getting The Latest Update

A few days after the unlocked variant of the Essential Phone began receiving its latest update, now too is the Sprint enabled version of the PH-1.   The update is the same as it was for the unlocked version of the phone, bringing the same updates and improvements to the only carrier locked version of the Essential Phone.

The update brings the April Android Security Update patch to the phone which, despite being a few days behind the unlocked variant, still makes it one of the first to get updated to the latest security patches.  Also, the software to enabled Bluetooth 5.0 is in this update.  The radios for 5.0 have been in the PH-1 all along but were not enabled via the software on the device.  That now changes with this update.

Essential Phone Update Brings April Android Security Update Patch and Other Improvements

Essential has released a new update for the Essential Phone, bringing a handful of improvements to the flagship phone.  The new build is OPM1.180104.141 and it is already rolling out to owners.  With the roll out, the Essential Phone becomes one of the first phones to get the April Android Security Update patch outside of Google Pixel devices.  As you may recall, this month’s security patch had a huge number of patches so it is good to see it already rolling out to non-Google branded devices.  And, frankly, Essential is always great at getting these updates quickly.

Along with the security patch, Bluetooth 5.0 is finally supported on the PH-1.  The hardware has been there all along but the software stack didn’t support it.  Now it does so you will get all the benefits of that on your phone now too.

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