Google Calendar Now Suggests Rooms for Meetings in G Suite

Google Calendar Automatic Room Suggestions in G Suite

Google G Suite customers are going to soon be able to benefit for a handy feature in Google Calendar.  Automatic Room Suggestions, based on your location, is coming to the web version of the app, allowing you to quickly see meeting rooms that are available based on where you are at the time.

The feature goes hand-in-hand with a release that happened earlier this year which would allow for rooms to be found based on where a guest was located.  Now, once admins have established the work location of an employee, they can see what rooms are available to them when they are setting up a meeting.

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Google Calendar Adding Out of Office Event Option for G Suite Customers

GSuite Out of Office

Google Calendar is set to pick up some handy new features over the course of the next few days that will allow for Out of Office event creation to be an easier process and to help block out your personal time on your calendar.  The updates are rolling out to all G Suite customers and, presumably, that includes the public version of Google Calendar non-G Suite users use.

A key new feature will be around the event creation pop-up that you get when you select a time or select multiple days.  Based on where you click, you will now see options to create an event, a reminder, or if you select multiple days, to select that it is an Out of Office time for you.

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Google Calendar Update Bringing Notifications for Declined Events

Google Calendar for Android

A new, cloud-side update is currently rolling out to Google Calendar that is going to make it much quicker to see when an event has been declined by all invitees.  If you have sent out an invite and all attendees have declined it, you will now see a small exclamation point next to the event in Google Calendar.  You can then tap on that event and will see a prompt to reschedule the event given it has been declined.

The idea is that at a glance, you can look at your calendar on your phone and see the decline without having to actually open up the invite on your calendar to see who has accepted and who has not.

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Google Calendar Update To Allow for Messages in Updated Calendar Invites

Google Calendar Updated Invite with Notes

A new and handy new feature is rolling out to Google Calendar on the web that allows you to add messages to updated calendar invites.  Currently, when you updated an invite in Calendar, it sends the updated information (date, time, etc) but it does not include the ability to add a message for why the meeting was moved or the updated content of the meeting.

This new feature will be rolling out to all G Suite customers as well as consumers and while the focus is on the web portion, the ability to add notes to an updated invite is also available in the Android version of Google Calendar.

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Google Calendar App Update Finally Brings Event Duplication

Duplicate Events in Google Calendar for Android

It has taken seemingly forever but a new update to the Google Calendar app for Android finally, finally lets you duplicate events in one calendar and copy events between calendars.  The updated build of the app is version 5.8.18 for those keeping score at home.  It was released late last week but it is just now rolling out to everyone.

The update to Google Calendar brings two big improvements.  First, you can now duplicate an event on your calendar.  Now, instead of having to create it completely from scratch, you can duplicate a current event on your calendar and use it as a template of sorts.

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Google Sets Dates for G Suite Customers to Get The New Google Calendar

Google Calendar Material Design

Google has announced the dates when G Suite customers will begin getting the new Google Calendar.  To this point, G Suite admins have been able to manually force the update on domains or to delay the release of the new Material Design calendar on their domains.  Now that is changing with several key dates coming up.

For domains that are in the Rapid Release schedule, users will start getting update next Monday, January 8th if their domain is set to automatic updating.  Users can still opt out, for now.  For those domains in the Scheduled Release bracket, you will get the update following Monday, January 15th.  Again, users can opt out for now.

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Classic Google Calendar Interop Tool Shuttering in February 2018

Google Calendar Material Design

For those readers who administer a Google G Suite environment, take note of an announcement that Google made this week.  On February 28, 2018 the classic Google Calendar interop tool will be shuttered, meaning that you will need to be using the new tool which was announced back in July.

For those who aren’t familiar with this tool, it allows for the seamless coexistence of a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 environment within a G Suite account in that same environment.  That means users can search across not only Google Calendar but Microsoft-based calendars for information, meeting times and the like.

In July, Google released a far more robust version of this interop tool, bringing several new features and overall stability to the solution.  That is the version that Google wants you using and, come February next year, you will have to use it going forward.

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Microsoft Cortana Adds Support for Google Accounts

Microsoft Cortana for Android

Microsoft has quietly rolled out a new feature on their personal assistant Cortana that Android users will appreciate.  Now in Microsoft Cortana, you can set up the assistant to have access to your Google account, allowing it to access both your Google calendar as well as your contacts.  Previously calendars and contacts were limited to Office 365 accounts or to an account.

The addition of Google services means that users of Cortana on their Android phone, PC or their Harman Kardon Invoke, will be able to ask Cortana about events on their Google Calendar or make a call to a Google Contact, a likely scenario for Android users.

As you would expect, this new integration requires that you connect your Google account to Cortana and authorize it.  This is done via Connected Services which can be found in your Cortana Notebook section of the app or on your PC.

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