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Fitbit Adds Exercise Tracker To Android App

Fitbit has released an updated version of the app for Android phone that, while mostly focused on fixes and improvements, also brings a new look to the exercise tracking of the app.  The updated build is version 2.15 for those keeping score at home and it is out in the Google Play Store now.  If you have the app installed you can expect the OTA update at any point over the next couple of days.

The Fitbit app has always had a exercise log where from the main page you could enter in exercise (or sync it from another app if you log elsewhere (I log in MyFitnessPal personally and have it sync)) and see in a calendar form how you did for a particular week.  That information along with minutes exercised and calories burned is still there, but now you have a weekly challenge that you configure to help you stay on task of getting and staying healthy through exercise and a sensible diet.

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Better Fitness and Nutrition Tracking Comes to Google Fit

When I posted my review of Google Fit several months ago, I pointed out that while it was a good app that had a nice, clean interface, it lacked some of the features that would make it a true must-have fitness app.  The latest update to the app, which is rolling out to the Google Play Store now, closes a lot of those gaps by bringing a much tighter integration with other fitness and nutrition apps.  The result is that Google Fit becomes a portal for all your nutrition and exercise information.

The update is version 1.55.44-000 for those keeping score at home and while it has been released to the Play Store, it could be a day or two before you see the OTA update if you have it installed.  The first thing that is new in this build is the real-time tracking of exercises.  If you go on walks, runs or bike rides, you can now have Google Fit track that exercise for you and it will integrate with Google Maps so you can see where you went on your activity.  To do this, there is a new Start Activity option in the app’s menu.

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Fitbit Update Brings Much Improved Weight Tracker

The Fitbit for Android app has received an update that brings much more detail around your weight tracking to the app.  The update is version 2.12.2 for those keeping score at home and the weight screen has been completely redesigned to give you better charts, goal progress and history of your weight.  For those who are trying to gain or lose weight, this new section of the app will come in handy and is far more information rich over the previous version.

As many long time readers will know, I lost over 100 lbs starting in 2010 and I have publicly credited Fitbit and MyFitnessPal as being two of the key ways I kept myself on track (and still do today).  Fitbit continues to improve their apps and services and this update is another example of their continued efforts to drive more functionality into their apps.

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Google Fit Website Gets A Material Makeover

Google has quietly rolled out a major update to the Google Fit website, the site that accompanies the health and fitness app for Android phones and tablets.  Since the launch of Google Fit a couple of years ago, the site has been a somewhat bland white and grey look with whatever highlight color you selected for your information.  The information was there but frankly the site wasn’t very organized.  That has all changed.  The Google Fit site now has a beautiful Material design look with far more information at your fingertips.  In fact, it makes the Google Fit app (which I’m a big fan of and use daily) look a bit antiquated.

Fitbit Update Brings Improved Challenge Experience

Fitbit for Android has been updated today with some improvements for those of us who participate in the daily or weekly challenges.  The update brings an improved end-of-challenge experience along with a new rematch feature.  The new build is version 2.9 for those keeping score at home and is available now in the Google Play Store.  It is only a 20MB download so updating over your data connection shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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Latest Fitbit Update Brings Nightly Sleep Goals

Diet and exercise are pretty obvious points when it comes to a healthy lifestyle but sleep is equally as important.  Without enough sleep, we have all kinds of issues from the self evident drowsiness to a loss of mental sharpness.  It also leads to challenges around diet and certainly impacts our desire to exercise.  Who wants to go to the gym tired?  That’s why the latest update to Fitbit for Android is really important.  In this latest update, version 2.8 for those keeping score at home, you have the ability to set a nightly sleep goal.  In fact, this entire update is essentially dedicated to sleep with other features added around sleep and sleep goals.  If you already use your Fitbit to track your sleep nightly then this new update will give you new insights and help you focus on getting the right amount of rest you need each day.

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Fitbit for Android Updated With Several Bug Fixes

Users of Fitbit for Android will find there is a new update to download today.  The update is primarily a bug fix and stability release so don’t look for many new features.  Instead, you will find a handful of fixes, especially those impacted by a green app icon.  Yeah, sounds strange to me too.  Anyway, the updated version is 2.7 for those keeping score at home and even if you aren’t impacted by the green icon bug, you should probably download it as there are other fixes.

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Google Fit Update Brings Improved Android Wear Support

Google has updated their activity tracking app Google Fit with improved Android Wear support along with many bug fixes.  The update, version 1.51.07-000 for those keeping score at home, works on a wide range of Android devices and while Android Wear devices are supported, are not required.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Fit, it is an app that uses the sensors in your Android phone to track your physical activity such as running and walking.

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