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Viber For Windows Phone Update Brings Photo Viewing A Swipe Away

For those of you who are use Viber as your text and messaging app, there is an update today that makes photo sharing a little bit easier.  The updated version of Viber for Windows Phone brings two new features with the biggest one being the ability to easily view all photos in a chat by Swiping in a chat session.  It is a quick way to go find that photo from a few days ago without having to do long scrolls back up the message feed.  The update, version 4.5 for those keeping score at home, is available now in the Windows Phone store.

If you aren’t familiar with Viber, it is a cross platform text, messaging, video sharing and photo sharing app.  If you are thinking it sounds a lot like Skype, you would be correct.

Viber for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Track Your Exercise and Diet With The MSN Health & Fitness App and a SensorCore Enabled Lumia

If you follow me on Twitter or know me personally, you know that I’m a big user of Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.  In 2009 I weighed in at just under 300lbs while today I’m a healthy 195lbs and I credit my Fitbit (One and now a Flex) as well as MyFitnessPal as part of my success in losing the weight and keeping it off.  That said, there are some out there who do not necessarily want to have a wearable device to track their activities let alone have another app they have to go to so they can log their food and caloric intake.

With the introduction of the Lumia 1520, Nokia introduced SensorCore, a sensor and software application built into certain Lumia devices that will allow you to track activities such as walking and running.  Couple that with the free MSN Health & Fitness app for Windows Phone, you now have a way to keep track of your steps, runs, diet, and calories burned all in one app and you don’t have to wear any other devices other than your Lumia in your pocket – which is where it always is anyway, right?  Setting up your Lumia to use SensorCore is easy and it automatically configures MSN Health & Fitness so you can get to tracking things straight away.

OneDrive for Windows Phone Sees a Minor Update

The OneDrive for Windows Phone app has seen another small update with the focus on the vague “bug fixes and performance improvements” category.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, does not list any other updates or changes as part of the update.  I appreciate these types of updates are not super exciting but it is good to see developers, particularly Microsoft, continue to improve and tweak their apps.

If you have auto updates enabled on your Windows Phone then you have likely already had this update pushed to your phone.  If not, go to the Store, tap the Menu button (…) > Settings then scroll down to Check for Updates.  The update is tiny so it will only take a minute or so to install.

Remember, if you have not signed up for OneDrive, you can do so at this link.  Free accounts get 15GB of storage for free and if you have your Windows Phone automatically upload photos to the service, you get an additional 15GB for free.

OneDrive for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Runtastic and Runtastic Pro for Windows Phone Gets A Big Updates

The official Runtastic (Free) and Runtastic Pro ($4.99) for Windows Phone apps have received a healthy update today, bringing several new features to help you better track your activities.  While most of the updates are aimed at the Pro version of the app, there are still plenty of new updates for those who have the free app and it is well worth the update.  The new update, version for those keeping score at home, are both available now in the Windows Phone Store.

Runtastic – Free – Download Now

Runtastic Pro – $4.99 – Download Now

ESPN Hub Relaunched As All New ESPN App

ESPN has had an app, the ESPN Hub, in the Windows Phone Store for a couple of years now but it hasn’t seen many updates.  Today however the sports broadcasting company made up for it in spades.  The new ESPN App is essentially a relaunch of the ESPN Hub and it is a major update to this app.  The new ESPN app, version for those keeping score at home, has a completely new look and feel over the old ESPN Hub app and it brings sports to you front-and-center with things like real time updates, scores and highlights from all the major sports leagues and you can stream ESPN radio for free from the app.

Best of all, this new app is free and available right now in the Store.

ESPN App for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

6Tag for Windows Phone Gets Another Update And Remains THE Instagram Client for Windows Phone

The go-to client in my opinion for Instagram for Windows Phone is 6Tag, one of the many apps that developer Rudy Huyn has developed for the platform.  6Tag over the course of the last few months has received numerous updates as it is continually improved – a far cry from the year old Instagram official app that sits stale in the Windows Phone Store.  This latest update to 6Tag, version for those keeping score at home, brings two new features an improvements to the Live Tile.

6Tag for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Original Angry Birds Updated With 30 New Levels To Celebrate It’s 5th BirdDay

Believe it or not, Angry Birds has been around for 5 years.  I know, it made me feel old too.  But cheer up ole’ chap, there are 30 new levels for you to play in the latest update to the original Angry Birds for Windows Phone.  The update has been released in celebration of Angry Bird’s 5th “BirdDay” and the all new levels are inspired by fan art.  It’s a classy way for the team at Rovio Entertainment to celebrate the day and certainly one of the more unique ways of doing it.  The update is version for those keeping score at home and is available now in the Windows Phone Store.

Angry Birds for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

myAT&T for Windows Phone Brings Rollover Data Balance View

AT&T has released an update to their myAT&T app for Windows Phone, adding the ability for you to see your Rollover Data balance from within the app.  Now if this sounds familiar, it should.  I posted back in early February that the previous version of the myAT&T app would allow you to see this balance too.  However it was unreliable and wasn’t officially supported.  Now it is and you can check your Rollover Data balance at any time. The update, version 4.4 for those keeping score at home, is available now and the only thing that changed is the ability to view the Rollover Data balance.

For those who aren’t familiar with the AT&T Rollover Data program, it is something all customers which allows you to carry over your unused data gigabytes to the next month.  You can read more about the program here.

myAT&T for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Xbox Music for Windows Phone Updated To Improve OneDrive Support

Last week Microsoft announced that OneDrive had been updated to allow for music to be stored by users in the cloud service and stream them to your various Windows powered devices and Xbox.  The update was free to all OneDrive users and there were some extra bonuses for those who are Xbox Music Pass subscribers.  At the time of the launch Microsoft also released an updated version of Xbox Music for Windows Phone to support this integration of the service with OneDrive.  Now they have released an update that addresses some issues with the app but also includes a tutorial of how the integration works.  The update, version 2.6.674.0 for those keeping score at home, is available now in the Windows Phone Store.

Xbox Music for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone Update Brings Further Enhancements

Nextgen Reader, the Feedly driven news and RSS app, has received a minor update today, bringing stability improvements along with a handful of new features.  I’ve been using Nextgen Reader since 2011 (Yes, it has been around that long) and I recently wrote a review of it outlining why I think it is the best Feedly/RSS reader available for Windows Phone.  At $2.99 for this universal app for Windows and Windows Phone, it’s well worth the price of admission.  This latest update, version for those keeping score at home, brings mostly stability improvements but also a new personalization features as well.

Note that as of the time of this post that the Windows Phone version of the app had been updated and is available in the Windows Phone Store.  The Windows part of this universal app has not been updated yet but I expect that to happen today.  Regardless, if you buy it for either device, you get its counterpart free as part of the license.

Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone – $2.99 – Download Now

Nextgen Reader for Windows – $2.99 – Download Now