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OneDrive for Windows Phone Gets A Minor Update

Microsoft has released a small update to their OneDrive for Windows Phone app.  The update, version 4.6 for those keeping score at home, is essentially nothing more than a bug fix release so don’t look for any new features in the update if you believe the release notes.  According to the release notes, there are two things that are addressed in this update:

  • Visual updates to the file properties page
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

But there is something new in this update and the file properties changes are actually really nice.

OneDrive for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Microsoft Makes A Strong Commitment to Mobile with Windows 10

If there were any doubts in your mind about Microsoft’s commitment to the mobile space, today’s Windows 10 event should have but those to rest.  Not only did we get some insights into what Windows 10 will look like and now it will function on a smartphone, we also got a commitment to a new flagship Windows phone in 2015.

How To Setup Transparent Live Tiles on Windows Phone

One of my personal favorite features of Windows Phone is Live Tiles.  App that take advantage of Live Tiles allow you to quickly get information on news, sports, weather and whatever else that app provides.  Take the Kindle app as an example.  It shows me on the Live Tile the book I’m reading and how far along I am in it.  Some Live tiles can be setup as transparent meaning that you can “see” through them to a wallpaper or a photo in the background.  It’s a whole new level of personalization as the Live tiles become a part of the background image.  In this How To I’m going to show you how easy it is to setup transparent Live tiles on your Windows Phone so you can enjoy your favorite photo or background each time you look at your device.

Before I start, there is one thing to keep in mind about transparent Live tiles:  Not every app uses them.  There are some apps like Swarm, Kindle and MSN apps that do not use this feature and will be displayed in the traditional metro-style blocks.  You will need to check with each app to see if it supports it.  The vast majority of apps will now simply turn on transparent Live tiles by default once you setup the background wallpaper so you may not need to do anything additional.

Microsoft Announces The Lumia 532

Microsoft has announced a second new Lumia this morning after the earlier announcement of the Lumia 435.  The new Lumia 532 is aimed at the European, APAC and IMEA markets and sports slightly higher specifications than the Lumia 435.  In fact dimension wise it is almost identical to the 435 but with some slightly more impressive features.

Offline File Access Coming to OneDrive for Windows Phone

On the OneDrive User Voice blog, Microsoft Program Manager Casey Penk has confirmed that offline file access is coming to OneDrive for Windows Phone.  While no official timeline was given on when users can expect this feature, the official-unofficial announcement is great news for Windows Phone users of the Microsoft cloud storage service.

Yezz Launches Billy 5S LTE Windows Phone

We haven’t even officially kicked of CES 2015 yet but there is already Windows Phone news to report.  Yezz Mobile, the budget friendly Windows Phone manufacture, has announced the new Billy 5S LTE which will support LTE networks in the North America market, a 5″ IPS HD display and an impressive 13MP camera.  The Yezz Mobile website did not have any pricing information available on this new Windows Phone but if it is similar to the Billy 4 and 4.7, you can expect it to be at a budget friendly price.

CES Mobile for Windows Phone Launched For CES 2015 This Week in Las Vegas

For those who are attending the Consumer Electronic Show this week in Las Vegas, you now have the perfect app for your Windows Phone to help you along.  The CES 2015 Mobile app is now available in the Windows Phone Store and it will be your guide to any and all things CES.  This is the first year that there has been a CES app for Windows Phone which certainly is good news and hopefully a sign of things to come this week in Las Vegas.

CES 2015 is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center 6-9 January.

CES Mobile for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

6tag app for Windows Phone Gets Update to Support YEZZ Billy Phones

The popular 6tag app for Windows Phone has received a minor update this morning, bringing support for the new YEZZ Billy budget conscious dual SIM Windows Phone to the popular Instagram app.  This follows up minor update back in mid-December 2014 that brought support to the BLU Win phones. If you aren’t familiar with the 6tag app, it is an alternative app to the official Instagram beta app for Windows Phone and in my opinion is far superior. Functionality wise it is complete and performance is outstanding – two things that cannot be said about the official app. The 6tag app is also one of the higher rated apps in the Windows Phone store with 4-and-a-half stars and over 92,000 reviews.

6tag for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Review of Microsoft Bingo – A Fun Twist On An Old Classic

There are some classic games out there that many of us grew up playing at one time or another.  Bingo is likely one of those games, be it at home with family or in a bingo parlor.  While often associated with seniors, Bingo is a fun game and can be quite competitive.  Microsoft has captured that well in their Microsoft Bingo app.  This universal app for all Windows platforms gives you both that competitive nature of the game along with giving you awards thanks to Xbox Live integration and frankly it has proven to be hours of fun as I’ve prepared this review.  Whether you like the game or not, here is my review of Microsoft Bingo, a fun classic for your Windows devices that even casual players can enjoy for free.

Microsoft Bingo for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

Microsoft Bingo for Windows PC & Tablets – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

Windows Phone Activations Strong for Christmas Holiday

Windows Phone activations for the week of Christmas this year were a strong 5.8% of the total activations for the market according to Yahoo’s Flurry service.  This generally represents 2% over the general market share of Windows Phone globally and certainly is something that should please the folks in Redmond.  Still, when compared to the mammoth 51.3% that Apple iOS devices collected in this research, it is clear that Windows Phone, the Little OS That Could, still has a long way to go.

Flurry is an analytics service from Yahoo and they measured the week of Christmas this year, December 19-25, and collected their data from the over 600,000 apps they track.  They then use this information to extrapolate the number of devices that were activated over the week based on these apps.  It’s not entirely scientific but it is certainly a good indicator of what devices people received as gifts or bought and started using last week.