New YouTube PiP Layout Now Rolling Out Broadly

YouTube PIP Details - May 2018

The new look YouTube PiP (Picture in Picture feature is now rolling out broadly to everyone this morning.  The new design of the PiP is aimed at providing a bit more information about the video you have in the smaller view window such as the name of the video, not just a thumbnail of the video itself.

Now when you are viewing a video on YouTube and swipe down to put it into the PiP view, you will not only see the video but will see the title of the video as well as the creator of the content in a white panel next to it.

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YouTube Delivers HDR Video to the iPhone X

iPhone X

YouTube has finally enabled HDR video support for the iPhone X.  The streaming content provider can now provide 1080p HDR videos for the flagship iPhone which has had a HDR display since its release.  For those that don’t know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and provides amazingly accurate colors and depth of those colors.  Both the iPhone X as well as the iPad Pro lineup have HDR displays.

Youtube has been rolling out support for HDR video for sometime now for Android with several devices supporting it such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 lineup, the Razer Phone, and Google’s Pixel 2 lineup.

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YouTube Now Has a Staggering 1.8 Billion Monthly Registered Viewers

YouTube for iOS

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced this past week at BrandCast in New York that the video streaming and sharing service has now reached a staggering 1.8 billion monthly registered users watching content.  It is a jump of some 300 million since the last update of usage figures were announced back in June 2017.

Perhaps even more staggering is the sheer amount of videos being uploaded on the service.  Roughly 400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and the company now has some 10,000 monitors looking through content for sensitivity, criminal or terrorist related videos.  Machine Learning and stricter policies will also help in managing the content on the site too.

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YouTube Begins Rolling Out Official Artist Channels

YouTube Official Artist Channels

YouTube announced today that they have begun the process of rolling out new Official Artist Channels on the platform.  The new channels will migrate videos, lyric videos, news, unplugged sessions and other artist related information all in one place.  This will be the official artist channels, a slight change from the artist channels from last year.

Today, we’re simplifying things even more by bringing together an artist’s subscribers under their Official Artist Channel. Uniting subscribers under one channel means you’ll be able to go deeper and explore all of the content from the artists you love.

If you are subscribed to an unofficial channel, you will automatically be subscribed to the official channel for that artist starting this week.

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The New YouTube Monetizing Requirements will Impact Many Content Producers

YouTube for Android

YouTube has begun sending emails out to content producers on the changes that are coming next month to how they can monetize their channels.  The email lays out the new requirements in order to have access to the ad monetizing tools and that access will end starting February 28, 2018 if you do not meet the requirements.

Those new YouTube requirements are pretty steep.  You have to have 1000 subscribers but the higher hurdle is the requirement for 4000 watch time hours over the previous 12 months.  This last requirement will eliminate many channels from being able to monetize.

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Amazon Echo Show Owner? No YouTube for You!

Amazon Echo Show

Ah, the love between Amazon and Google shows itself once more…. NOT!  It appears that the latest spat between the two giants is over YouTube and the newish Amazon Echo Show.

Users of the new Alexa-powered smart device were cut off from YouTube yesterday with a warning that the smart speaker was unable to play content from the world’s largest video site.  Amazon states that they are disappointed, laying the blame at the feet of Google.  Google, in return, indicates that the reason for the shutdown is due to a violation of the terms of service and that they made Amazon aware that Tuesday was the drop date.

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YouTube HDR Slowly Rolling Out to Compatible Devices

YouTube for Android

Several current Android phones are starting to see the long awaited YouTube HDR content come to them.  YouTube rolled out HDR content at the end of 2016 but to this point, virtually no devices were able to render it.  That has changed throughout the course of 2017 and now several reports indicate that multiple devices are seeing an HDR option on video playback.

For those who don’t know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.  Images and video shot in HDR have more contrast, a wider color palette and greater brightness levels.

As for devices that are now reportedly able to show HDR content, it is growing rapidly.

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YouTube Rolling Out Bottom Navigation for All Android Users

YouTube for Android Bottom Navigation

After experimenting with it in the beta channel, then doing a bit of A/B testing, it seems that Google is finally ready to roll out bottom navigation in the YouTube app.  The update is a combination of an app update, which happened last week, and a server-side update, which is happening now.  Assuming you have the former, the later should be coming to you over the course of the next few hours.

Once you have it, gone will be the top tab navigation for Home, Trending, Subscriptions, Shared and Library.  Instead, they are all clearly identified on the bottom of the display in the streaming content app.

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