[Update 2] New HTC Update for Windows Phone Now Deploying – Tethering Now Available

It looks like HTC has pushed out an update for some of their Windows Phone chassis – the HD7 and Mozart.  The update appears to be a small one but does add one big feature – Tethering.  At least that is what Todd Osagawara (who got a tip from Daron Brewood at Smartphone Gurus) found on his HD7.

There are several other MVPs that I’m chatting with on this and some have seen the update and others haven’t so there is no clear indication on when you will receive it if you have these devices or if it is carrier specific.

Regardless, connect up your HTC device to your PC, open up Zune and see if there is an update available.  If you get it, leave a comment so others can know what to expect.

[Update] – It looks like updates are rolling out to the Samsung Focus as well as the HTC devices.  WPCentral is reporting that the HTC Titan has also received an update.

[Update 2] – Chris Leckness has posted over at GottaBeMobile his upgrade experience on his HTC HD7 including what happened when he tried to enable the tethering.  Let’s just say, “No Soup for You!”  Read it here.


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