Nokia Lumia 800 Now Available in The UK

This is a nice surprise for Windows Phone users in the UK!

According to Smartphone Gurus the Nokia Lumia 800 is now available on Three, Vodaphone, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, an event that was not expected until January of next year.  The top-of-the-line offering from Nokia has been one of the most anticipated Windows Phone releases worldwide and Nokia is doing all they can through marketing to make sure people know about the Lumia 800.

Nokia has pulled out the big guns with a massive marketing campaign for the Lumia 800 in the UK, including some rather odd television commercials and strange marketing stunts that includes putting fake saunas in bus stops. At least one phone carrier in the UK, Orange, will also be giving away a free Xbox 360 with the pre-purchase of a Lumia 800

You can expect to pay 420 Euros for the Lumia 800 without a contract starting today.

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