Nokia Previews Stunning New Windows Phone – Then Pulls The Video

So this one may be a little bit of a stretch but if it is true, this new Nokia phone is going to be stunning.

In all the hype of the Lumia 800 release this week, Nokia released a promotional video on YouTube that highlighted a wide range of things on Windows Phone.  One of these was NFC and in the video they show an absolutely stunning device running Windows Phone.  Here is one of the best images I’ve been able to find of it from My Nokia Blog

Nokia Next Windows Phone?

Nokia Next Windows Phone?

A couple of things about this phone:  First, as My Nokia Blog points out, if the Windows button on this device is true, when compared to the Lumia 800, this device is going to have a HUGE display.  Second, the rounding of the top and bottom of the glass make this just a stunning phone to view.  This is the type of design Windows Phone users have been wanting.

Since the release of the video, the company has now marked it as private on YouTube so it can no longer be viewed.  I take that as a positive and that there is really something to this device.

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