Pin Twitter Search Results to Your Start Screen

There are a lot of benefits to the Mango update for Windows Phone, one of which is the ability to pin all types of information to your Start screen.  While the app being used has to support this behavior, generally most apps that have been updated for Mango do, which gives you a lot of flexibility in getting information you need right in front of you.

Fellow former Windows Phone MVP Todd Ogasawara has posted a great tip on his blog, OgasaWalrus.  Todd is a resident of Hawaii and was recently caught up in the APEC meetings happing there.  Todd posted on his blog about how he pinned Twitter searching and other information on his Start screen so he could stay up to date on local traffic and news around the event.  You can read the full post on his blog.

If you want to follow Todd on Twitter, you can do so here.

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