Supersite for Windows Reviews The Samsung Focus S

Well known all-things-Windows expert Paul Thurrott has posted a fantastic review of the new Samsung Focus S on his site, Supersite for Windows.  The review covers all aspects of this latest offering from Samsung, which is an update to the original Focus released last year.

As you would expect, the Focus S has some nice improvements over the original S including a slightly faster processor (1.4GHz versus 1GHz in the original Focus), 16GB of storage (up from 8GB) and 1GB of RAM (up from 512MB).  The Focus S comes standard with Windows Phone 7.5, or Mango, as its operating system.

Give the full review a read at Supersite for Windows which includes plenty of device shots and comparison shots from the cameras as well.

Samsung has been a long time supporter of the Windows Phone platform, having produced devices since the early days.  This latest offering is solid and certainly an improvement over the original Focus.  Hopefully the trend of great devices will continue from Samsung.

As for this review, it is another great one from Paul Thurrott, a long time supporter/evangelist of Microsoft and the Windows Platform.  This review is top notch and if you are considering picking up this new phone for yourself or a family member, be sure to give this review a read.

Review of Samsung Focus S on Supersite for Windows

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