WPCentral Reviews the Samsung Focus Flash

Earlier this morning I posted a link the review of the Samsung Focus S that Paul Thurrott did over on his site, Supersite for Windows.  Keeping the Windows Phone and Samsung theme going, here is a link to the review that WPCentral did of the entry level offering from Samsung and AT&T, the Focus Flash.

The Focus Flash is designed to be a lower price entry point for consumers to get into Windows Phone.  It has some differences between it and the Focus S, most notably around storage.  The Focus Flash has 8GB of storage while the Focus S has 16GB.  There are other differences but I’ll leave that to the review at WPCentral.

Review of the Samsung Focus Flash on WPCentral

Samsung has been one of the long time supporters of the Windows Phone platform and have produced some outstanding devices over the course of time.  It is fully expected that this trend will continue and that the new Focus will receive a warm welcome.  The review by the team over at WPCentral is great and will give you all the insights you need on if this is the right phone for you.

As you might have guessed, this new phone is locked in to AT&T.

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