Delta Airlines Updates Fly Delta App to Allow Tracking of Baggage

As most travelers will attest, one of the bigger fears of air travel is the loss of your luggage.  If you have seen any documentary on how airports work, it is a miracle that it doesn’t happen more often (unbelievably complex systems just under your feet as you walk in the terminal at a major airport) but when it does, it can be a frustrating experience. Delta Airlines has taken the proactive step on this with their latest update to the Fly Delta app for Windows Phone.  The app now has the ability to track your luggage and you can do so while you are on the actual flight!  It is a great new feature that hopefully other airline apps will follow.

In addition to the bag tracking, you can now pin your boarding pass to the Start screen, check in and pay for baggage fees within the app and open up airport maps in Bing Maps.

The update requires that your phone be running Mango on your Windows Phone.

Get the Fly Delta app in the Marketplace

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